This past Veterans' Day weekend, my 2012 convention season came to an end as I attended Anime USA, the main fall anime convention in the Washington DC area. For what is usually the quietest convention that I go to, there's a lot of things to talk about.

-The biggest thing worth to be mentioned here: this year, Anime USA has moved to a new hotel after a five-year run at the Crystal City Hyatt. To me, the biggest negative with the move is the fact that the hotel is located right in the middle of Washington DC (by the National Zoo). This is a big problem as my mother got lost in DC when she tried to pick me up at Katsucon back when it was in the same area and the fact that it will be messy to get to the con on Friday morning (even if my dad took the less congested way to get to the hotel, it was still a mess due to a traffic accident). However, there were a number of pluses to the new hotel. Among them:

*A McDonald's that is across the street from the hotel (with me stopping there for lunch both days);

*The hotel offers free Wifi access in the lobby area (which is indeed useful for those con attendees with laptops or other devices that connect to the Internet;

*Much easier to traverse from the AMV Room to the Panel rooms (up two escalators at the new con hotel rather than taking two escalators and a flight of stairs back at the Crystal City Hyatt).

-Usually, I'd write about my purchases on another blog and then post a link to it on my report. However, this time, there's not really much to write about. The main reason for that was that when it comes anime figures, one figure that I was interested in ended up being way more expensive than I thought (it was actually $160 when I thought it was $60), and the figure that I did bought turned out to be a counterfeit figure that shouldn't been sold in the Dealers' Room to begin with. However, I did manage to get some anime on Blu-Ray, a pair of Nekomimi cat ears, and a plushie of Fluttershy from My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic. Speaking of My Little Pony...

-One problem that I had to deal with was the fact that the third season premiere of My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic was scheduled the same weekend as the convention, with me having to DVR it and watch it the next day. One thing that didn't help: the bar that's located in the hotel lobby actually receives The Hub, yet it appeared that it wasn't turned to that channel until after the premiere (as I did pass the area around 10:45 to go down to the Dealers' Room). Given how I recorded the episode, I did eventually watch the episode on Sunday (with it being a decent two-parter IMO). However, I kinda wished I was able to watch the premiere as it happened.

-In terms of panels and other events, I checked out a few (with me definitely attending the Friday night My Little Pony panel). Of them, the one that is definitely worth mentioning was a "game show" like event called Metapanel. The structure is like this: contestants called from the audience have to choose from one of three subjects and then, with the help of one of the people running the event, put on a five-minute "panel" based on each subject. Using me and actual topics that were discussed as examples:

1. If one of the categories was "Anime that I hate", then I'd go on a discussion about some of the major problems that I have with Madoka Magica;

2. A discussion about Kaiju would probably result in me discussing Gamera and Godzilla, the "nuclear" influence of these characters, and possibly how they both had films dealing with pollution.

-In terms of the AMV Contest, most of the highlights were pretty much videos that I've either already downloaded (a Naruto/DBZ crossover video; a video featuring Armstrong from FMA as Rasputin) or stuff that I saw at other cons (the Pony Note video). However, one video that fresh to me that I really enjoyed involved Johannes Krauser from Detroit Metal City singing the Lemon Demon version of "The Song of the Count". Watching that AMV made me tempted to pick up Detroit Metal City in the Dealers' Room, although concern that I may not like it led to me passing on it in the end.

-Saturday night was definitely a fun night with a pair of MEP "Hell" style videos. The first one is Ponies: The Anthology 2, the follow-up to the very popular My Little Pony version of "AMV Hell" from last year. This version is different from the online version, as it does move the very long 2001 parody from the end of the project to the very beginning (as a "short" before the main feature). Afterwards, people were treated to the "Anime Weekend Atlanta" version of the upcoming AMV Hell 6 (the official version of this video has been delayed due to Hurricane Sandy, although it will hopefully be out by December 21). When it comes to AMV Hell 6, I'm very interested in checking this out for more personal reasons, with me being pleased when I did watch it (that's all I'll say about it until the video's official release, especially given the possible changes that may happen).

Finally, before I get to the cosplay pictures, I might as well inform you that I'm most likely NOT going to go to Anime USA next year (with me searching for alternate options, with Neko Con being the most likely one). The reason for this: next year, Anime USA is going to be taking place in September, and with Otakon being in August next year (not to mention Bronycon the week before Otakon), I don't think I'll be able to be "back to normal" in terms of having money for the con.

With that out of the way, I'll leave you with a link to the photos that I took at the con.

Anime USA 2012 Pics