Warning: Contains spoilers to both My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic and Negima. While spoiler tags have been put for Season 2 episodes of My Little Pony and chapters of Negima that are not yet out in America, it's best to view at your own risk.

With the voting process finally going on, it's time to show of something I made that fits well with the draft (but wanted to hold back in order to not affect the draft picks of the people taking part in the draft).

As someone who has gotten into My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic late last summer, I've begun to check some webs sites on a regular basis. One of those sites is Ponibooru, a site that hosts numerous MLP pictures in a fashion similar to Danbooru. One thing that some regular image posters do on that site is that they create a template which allows the characters of the show to be compared to other items. Currently, I've taken two of those templates and made two comparison charts (if there's enough interest, I'll post the first one later). However, it was around the time that interest began to pick up for the My Little Pony manga draft that I decided to make a chart in which I compared the characters from MLP to another title that's I've been following, Mahou Sensei Negima. After downloading the latest chart (and cutting off Princess Celestia from the chart, as I couldn't figure out a 3-A student that would fit her), I put together the following list comparing the cast of My Little Pony with the cast of Negima.

Since I know for sure that some people's opinions about the characters are different, here's my explanation for these choices.

Fluttershy: The similiaries between Fluttershy and Nodoka are obvious:

-They're both mousy characters;
-They both tend to be awesome when they put their mind to it;
-They're both flatout adorable.

However, I can see a few more similarities between the two. First, Nodoka in her Ministra Magi attire is usually seen with a bunny backpack, whereas Fluttershy is known to have a pet bunny named Angel (who, while bratty, does have his cute moments). The second main one that comes to mind is the fact that

Spoiler ->both characters have had an encounter with a Cerberus. The main difference here: Fluttershy was able to handle the situation.

Rainbow Dash: A lot of people asked me why I chose Yuuna over Setsuna here. I agree that Setsuna is a good candidate as well, given her loyalty to those she's close to, the lesbian aspect (you don't know how many fanworks there are of Rainbow Dash being paired with another member of the Mane Six), and the fact that Setsuna has wings.

However, I went with Yuuna for three reasons. First, both Yuuna and RD are known to be athletic. Second, they both have the determination of not giving up

Spoiler ->(Yuuna with the Mahora vs. Mars battle and her speech after Fate's attack at Godel's ball; RD with her determination to bring Applejack back to Ponyville and to still bring the rain water to Cloudsdale when a number of Pegasus ponies end up sick).

Finally, one of the big reasons why I chose Yuuna over Setsuna is because like RD, Yuuna tends to be a jerk at times (the incident where Negi loses Evangeline's ring; her following the Ala Alba into the Magic World).

Rarity: When it came to the Manga Draft, Ayaka was definitely one character I had in mind for Rarity (along with Tomoyo from CCS). Both characters are highly fancy, with Rarity being a clothing designer and Ayaka being an heiress. However, both characters also avoid being total snobs and have close friendships with "normal" girls (Fluttershy for Rarity, Asuna for Ayaka).

Applejack: Like Nodoka for Fluttershy, Asuna was an easy choice for Applejack. There's four main qualities that those two share:

1. Both girls are close to magic users new in the area (Twilight Sparkle and Negi) and are there to provide wisdom to them.

2. Both AJ and Asuna are of the "older sister" variety (AJ to her younger sister, Applebloom; Asuna once again with Negi);

3. Both tend to be stubborn at times;

4, Both AJ and Asuna are known to have very powerful kicks.

Twilight Sparkle: Yeah, I know that this would fit Negi, but I try to have the Mane 6 be connected with the students in 3-A. Besides, both Twilight and Yue are very similar. Both characters were inspired by a highly powerful character (Princess Celestia for Twilight, Negi for Yue) to study magic and be their apprentices. Second, both characters try to use books to learn about things (in Yue's case, her Pactio item allows her to learn anything about magic). Finally, both the friendships that both Twilight and Yue make are important to them in terms of their lives in a positive manner (as Twilight was a shut-in before arriving in Ponyville, while Yue felt the world was meaningless in between her grandfather's death and her befriending Nodoka and the rest of the Library Exploration Club).

Pinkie Pie: I did consider Konoka as a possibility here given how she's usually cheerful and to coincide with Setsuna as Rainbow Dash. However, after some thought, I felt that the character of Pinkie Pie fit Makie more. For one thing, Makie is Baka Pink. As for main reasons, that can simply summarized by the fact that both Pinkie and Makie are so full of positive energy, childlike (only Makie would try to use candy to lure Negi during a kissing contest), and agile (Pinkie Pie because she's an Earth Pony; Makie due to her skills as a rhythm gymnast).

Cutie Mark Crusaders: The intial reason for this pick is obvious: the Cutie Mark Crusaders are pretty much the "kid characters" of the show, whereas the twins are considered the "kids" of 3-A due to them being among the smallest in class, their outfits, and their childish behavior. However, after thinking about it, I can also see another reason to compare these two: the fact that if they actually got some development, these characters would be more enjoyable IMO. For the CMC, when the episodes focus on them, the better ones tend to be those that develop their connections with other ponies

Spoiler ->(i.e. Sisterhooves Social, Family Appreciation Day).

Meanwhile, given both the events of Negima!?

Spoiler ->(where they actually Pactio early on)


Spoiler ->what was hinted at the end of the Negima manga (keeping quiet for those who follow the American version),

I think that the twins had more potential than how they were depicted in the manga.

Princess Luna: Personally, when it comes to Negima characters, I actually felt that Luna fit Evangeline more than Arika. The main logic behind it is simple: both of these character initially start off as villains who were "imprisoned" by the character that the central hero looks up on (Princess Luna was sent to the Moon by her sister, Evangeline was forced to stay in Mahora with her powers sealed away by Nagi). Eventually, they end up confronting the central hero (Twilight Sparkle and Negi), leading to a battle where the hero wins thanks to his/her partners (the rest of the Mane Six for Twilight Sparkle; Asuna for Negi). This leads to the former villainess making a Heel Face Turn, but also results in her becoming very popular among the fans.

Finally, since he was not on the chart, I'll mention it here. When it comes to Spike, I see him as Chamo, given how he's the animal pal of a magic-user (and a very lucky one at that).