Another year, another Black Friday, another report about my experience in the battlefield.

Unlike the past few years, I actually didn't wait outside any store until it opened and instead got a decent amount (in my terms) of sleep. The reasoning for it: there wasn't any real item that I needed to be at the store to pick up. The only doorbuster that I really wanted to pick up was Uncharted 3 at Best Buy, and even then I decided to simply order it online rather than wait outside of Best Buy Thanksgiving night to get it (as my mother didn't like how she and I waited outside of Target last year just for a few video games). Here's a rundown of where I went during Black Friday this year (and my experiences):

Best Buy: First stop was Best Buy, and for 7:30 in the morning, I could still be able to pick up some good deals without the huge checkout line. Heck, my Best Buy had plenty of copies of Uncharted 3 still available (although I'm still sticking with my online order). I ended up buying a couple of video games as well as a couple of $5 Blu-Ray movies.

Mall: After my mother stopped at A. C. Moore to get something for an "angel tree" at the farm stand that she works part time at, my next stop was the mall. The main stops while I was there were Gamestop (where I picked up a couple more video games), Hallmark (where the store had the final piece of the wireless Peanuts band available early and on sale until noon), and Chick-Fil-A (where my younger brother and I took advantage of some free food coupons).

Toys R Us: Like Best Buy, Toys R Us was rather calm, with it being busy, but having no huge checkout lines. My main goal was to pick up The Lion King on Blu-Ray, as I'm trying to collect films for my niece to watch in case she visits my family. I was able to find a copy of that. However, the messy part involved another thing that I wanted to look at: the Skylanders figures (as I wanted to take advantage of their "B1G1 free" deal that Toys R Us had for the game and its' figures). It turned out that Skylanders is indeed going to be the big "kids' game" of the holiday season (and I can completely understand that, given the figures and the fact that it's actually a pretty decent game that could help revive the Spyro the Dragon franchise). As a result, a lot of the figures sold out rather quickly (with only two or three characters available of the singles, and the adventure packs being sold out). Still, I managed to take advantage of the deal while making sure I pick up figures of the elements that I still neeed in the game (the only element that I need now is the sky element).

Books-A-Million: My last stop of my morning run was Black Friday was Book-A-Million, which just opened the past week at the place that my local Borders once occupied. I didn't pick up anything this go-round (as there was no new volumes of the manga that I pick up, although if they did have Negima 32, I'd be questioning whether to pick it up or not given the recent events in the Japanese version). However, I did show my mother some possible books to pick up for me for Xmas.


Toys R Us (Round Two): After taking an afternoon nap, I went to my local Toys R Us to see if their supply of Skylanders figures was better than what was offered at the one that was near the mall. Sure enough, my Toys R Us had a better selection, resulting in me picking up two more figures and completing my need to get at least one figure for each element.