Since there are so many TBD which anime will get dub or not. I decided to create my own personal spreadsheet for anime dubbing predictions along with license predictions with Google Docs. This spread is organized by major licensors and distributors which each having their own separate tabs: Funimation, Sentai Filmworks, Aniplex USA, and PonyCan USA (I didn't include Viz Media because they usually don't license a lot of titles in comparison to the said companies I've mentioned). I also included "next season" licensing predictions, which I will update every couple of months, as well as miscellaneous licensing predictions. Any anime titles from the "next season" licensing predictions that remains unlicensed will be moved over to the "miscellaneous" licensing predictions.

A few things to note about this spreadsheet:
  • I will try to update this spreadsheet in a monthly basis, particularly when solicitations come out.
  • When it comes to the "next season" licensing predictions, I will try and update the spreadsheet on the month when the said "next season" will start. In this case, I'll update the spreadsheet around the beginning of July and make changes accordingly with the license announcements (and so forth with the autumn season in October).
  • With the previous point in mind, I'll try to make the respective dubbing predictions on the basis on streaming popularity, the nature of the anime title, and trends.

Now, will I still post my predictions on the respective "Dubs TBD" threads in the English track forums. Yes, I will do so occasionally, but the spreadsheet gives you an idea of my predictions, my rationale on my predictions, and a way to keep track on my own predictions. Keep in note that these are predictions, they are not confirmed status of which gets dubbed or not. Hell, many of my dubbing predictions has ended up being false at the end (for example, I actually did predicted that Black Bullet would be a sub-only release before Sentai Filmworks confirm it's dub status).