With the year nearly coming to the end, it's time to evaluate the winners and losers of the anime industry in 2015. It's time to evaluate the said winners and losers:


Funimation: Yes, despite their video player problems and the Gamergate joke controversy in the Prison School Broadcast Dub, Funimation still remains one of the largest anime distributors in North America with their dedicated fanbase. The Broadcast Dubs initiative shows Funimation's dedication to their already large English dub fanbase (although they still go overboard on their Broadcast Dubs once in a while) and maintain a diverse selection of titles in every season.

Sentai Filmworks: The year of the lamb shines on Sentai Filmworks, they FINALLY manage to get one of their anime titles in Toonami with Akame Ga Kill! and Parasyte being their first titles in the block. And with high ratings from both Akame Ga Kill! and Parasyte, it is expected that Sentai Filmworks to pump out more titles into the Toonami block (and yes, Sentai Filmworks has a nice selection of titles that can work in Toonami like Highschool of the Dead, Chaika, Black Bullet, Ushio & Tora, Gate, and many more). They may not do simuldubs in the near future, but at least they are pumping out at least one new title being dubbed every monthly solicitation and pumping out the Collector Editions.

Toonami: Yes, Toonami lost 3 hours, but they still remain strong even after the cut. Across from airing Sentai Filmworks titles, Toonami is still airing titles such as Michiko & Hatchin, Akame Ga Kill, Kill La Kill, Samurai Champloo, Sword Art Online II, and Parasyte. And new Samurai Jack episodes airing next year serves as a reminder to anime fans that Toonami has always been an action block, not an anime block.

NIS America: Ah yes...NISA. A company that I used to despise, NISA has won me some favors. NIS America still continue to experiment to anime dubbing with Nagi no Asukara and the dubbed re-release of Love Live! from Bang Zoom. Even though NISA lost many licenses to Aniplex titles (i.e. anohana), they still remain strong.

Discotek Media/Crunchyroll: Yep, the Discotek Media/Crunchyroll partnership has allowed Discotek to finally release several of the more recent niche titles in Crunchyroll's catalog such as Strike the Blood, Recently, My Sister Is Unusual, Galilei Donna, and Arpeggio of Blue Steel. Even though Discotek Media hasn't jumped into the dubbing bandwagon yet since they are a much smaller company in comparison to Sentai Filmworks, Aniplex USA, and even NIS America, they did at least release Gravestone of Daisuke Jigen with an English dub. And Free! fans can rejoice with the first season English dub streaming at Crunchyroll.

Aniplex USA: Despite Aniplex's expensive prices, I could give some leeway to this company. They did got Kill La Kill in Toonami, and still continue to dub a select few titles. However, the biggest eyebrow catch is that they have started to do some simuldubs starting with Durarara!!x2. And even larger eyecatcher is they giving Your Lie in April. Considering the popularity of this title, if Your Lie in April does well for Aniplex USA, I can certainly expect Aniplex USA to diversify more titles to dub rather than just dubbing action or Gen Urobuchi titles, and would certainly open up Key/Visual Arts titles such as Charlotte and the upcoming anime adaptation Rewrite getting Bang Zoom dubs.

Key/Visual Arts: Speaking of Key/Visual Arts, 2015 is a strong year for this company. Despite Jun Maeda's Charlotte getting far more polarizing reactions from fans, the anime enjoys high-ratings of the summer season and is ranked one of the top ten anime in ANN's MEGA POLL. Rewrite anime is coming out next year in the summer done by 8-bit. Not to mention, Clannad visual novel is finally distributed in North America by Sekai Project, showing that there is actually a market for visual novels.

Dramas: 2015 is also a good year for anime dramas. Nagi no Asukara and Your Lie in April got English dubs from Bang Zoom and Charlotte enjoy high ratings (even though the chance of Charlotte getting a dub is roughly 50/50) and Rewrite visual novel is getting an anime adaptation. Even though NISA lost their license to anohana, anime fans will still remember anohana as a classic drama title.

Viz Media: These guys should be given a platinum medal for licensing Hunter x Hunter and One Punch Man.

Bang Zoom: This dubbing studio still remain strong with titles such as Kill La Kill, Nagi no Asukara, Love Live, Aldnoah.Zero, Yuki Yuna is a Hero, Mobile Suit Gundam: Iron Blooded Orphans, and Your Lie in April. More specifically, Bang Zoom continues to bring out newer names in their dubs. More particularly, Max Mittelman (Hikari Sakishima from Nagi no Asukara and Inaho Kaizuka from Aldnoah.Zero) and Brianna Knickerbocker (Itsuki Inubozaki from Yuki Yuna Is a Hero, Chisaki Hiradaira from Nagi no Asukara, and Akane Awakusu from Durarara!!x2) has established their names in 2015 and can easily be seen as "spiritual succesors" (trope!) to Sam Riegel and Stephanie Sheh respectfully (keep in mind that Sheh and Riegel still work in anime, but mostly in major projects). Zach Aguilar has also established his stardom with his role as Slaine Troyard in Aldnoah.Zero. I'm hoping Max Mittelman, Brianna Knickerbocker, and Zach Aguilar land in more anime roles since they do have some potential.

Moe/Slice of Life: Yep, cute girls doing cute things still remain strong in Japan. Popular titles such as Kiniro Mosaic and Is the Order a Rabbit? got second seasons, and School-Live! has established a sleeper hit in the summer season in both Japan AND in the west. Also, who would have thought that Sentai Filmworks decided to give Hanayamata an English dub even?

Bishonens: Bishonens have prove themselves to be big sellers in both Japan and in the west. We have Free! season 1 and 2 getting English dubs, Haikyuu!! second season, K: Missing Kings, and of course Cute High Earth Defense Club Love! (a.k.a. Magical boys anime). Heck, even Sentai Filmworks, a company historically known to dub a lot of moe anime, finds that dubbing something like Hamatora and DRAMAtical Murder is far more profitable than Is The Order a Rabbit? or 90% of slice of life anime titles and dropping a few hints and possibilities of Haikyu getting an English dub re-release. Besides, it's usually much easier to cast bishonens in English dubs than say lolis.

Mecha: Contrary to what people say, mecha as a genre is not dying in America. We still have Aldnoah.Zero and Mobile Suit Gundam: Iron Blooded Orphans. Although Buddy Complex getting a sub-only release from Funimation is a little surprising.

Magical Girls: Let's see now, Sailor Moon Crystal dub streaming at Hulu, Yuki Yuna is a Hero dub, and of course, Glitter Force. Also, Magical boys anime.

Shonen action: Guess what? My Hero Academia is getting an anime adaptation next year. And shonen action, as usual, still remain strong with Dragonball Z Kai, One Piece, Naruto Shippuden in Toonami and Seraph of the End is one of Funimation's most popular Broadcast Dubs.

Of course, we have some losers as well.


Light novel anime adaptations: 2015 sucks for light novel anime adaptations. Many light novels received lackluster receptions and are either average at best, or incredibly crappy at worst. Not only that, Rokka fans got completely screwed over by Ponycan USA's release as well (see Ponycan USA below). Also doesn't hurt to note that most light novel adaptations are generic harem ecchi fanservice with overused cliches.

Manglobe: It's said to see this great animation studio fall into bankruptcy considering how popular and well-received Gangsta got from western fans. On the bright side, another studio will continue off with the Genocidal Organ anime film.

Media Blasters: Good news, Media Blasters are no longer considered to be crappiest anime company in North America (at least they are trying to survive). The bad news, they are still a walking zombie and WTF DVD-Rs.

Kancolle: Yep, Kancolle fans got completely screwed over with a crappy anime adaptation that tries to pander to the fanbase, only to fail miserably in the fanbase pandering. Hell, I wouldn't be surprised that no anime licensor in North America wouldn't bother to pick Kancolle anime up (and even if it did, it's going to be a sub-only release).

A-1 Pictures: Let's name one well-praised and well made anime done by this animation studio.....*tumbleweed*

PonyCan USA (and I'm going to directly address to rant to Ponycan USA themselves): Congratulations Ponycan, you guys took the spot of being the worst anime company in North America. Okay, I do appreciate Yuki Yuna is a Hero getting an English dub and such, but I really to ask you guys this: Do you guys even know the American anime fanbase before establishing a subsidiary branch in North America? I was surprised that Yuki Yuna is a Hero got a quick dub release and such, but you guys seem to have given up on the dubbing side of things (ever since Yuki Yuna, there hasn't been a dubbed release from you guys). Rokka would have been a great candidate for your next English dubbed title that would been a great candidate for Toonami airing, but nope, you guys decided not to dub Rokka since sales bombed in Japan, even though Rokka is one of the top ten trending titles of the summer anime season that rivals Charlotte. And just because one title bombed in Japan doesn't mean it'll bomb in America since Americans have much different anime preferences.
And what's even worse is that you guys offered a standard edition release for Rokka, but nope, you guys simply chicken out on the release. The standard edition would have been a perfect opportunity for Rokka fans with low budget to buy your sub-only release. Now, you guys completely shattered your relationship with the North American anime fanbase and pull a far worse PR and business move than many of Funimation's worst business and PR mistakes. Yes, your PR department is far worse than Funimation and not only that, you guys deserve a gold medal of having the most questionable dubbing decisions ever (i.e. not dubbing one of the most watched and popular Crunchyroll titles, Rokka). At least the folks in Sentai Filmworks are making far more smarter dubbing decisions that you guys do.

Well, that's my list of winners and losers of the anime industry. If there are any other winners and losers of the anime industry or any disagreements, please let me know.