When comes to Toonami and anime, many fans associate anime aired in Toonami with "manliness" such as Dragonball Z, Attack on Titans, and even Kill La Kill (even though "manliness" fits into one of the factors into Toonami airing, it's not necessarily a requirement, as there have been anime like Sword Art Online that aired in Toonami but does not fit into the "manly" criteria). That being said, there have been some folks that want an action heavy anime where the cast mostly consist of cute girls. So the big questions comes into play, can an action anime with a cast that consists of "moe" girls work in Toonami?

Now before asks about Toonami, Toonami is a late-night action block (not an anime block) that is geared towards a male 15-40s demographic (male teen to adult audience). As long as the anime is an action anime and has an English dub, then it generally will fit for the Toonami audience. However, in a recent years since Toonami's revival, the programming block had also attracted a female audience thanks to shows such as Dragonball Z, One Piece, and especially Attack on Titan. Toonami has acknowledge their growing female audience and wishes to air anime to expand their demographic appeal. So it would probably make sense to air an action anime with a cast mostly consisting of "moe" girls would air in Toonami to appeal to a female base right?

Well, not exactly so. First of all, most "moe" anime usually aren't action anime. In fact, a lot of "moe" anime are usually either iyashikei slice of life anime (i.e. a lot of Manga Time Kirara titles that is not School Live!), harem ecchi (Highschool DxD), romantic comedies (Baka to Test), or slow-paced drama (insert any Jun Maeda/Key Visual Arts anime here).

In addition, some of the "moe" anime are usually slow paced anime that mostly focus on character building and plot while most of the anime aired in Toonami are fast-paced action anime. This is especially true with Jun Maeda/Key Visual Arts anime where the anime they create are known to have heavy use of "moe," yet most of them are slow-paced character driven dramas. The closest Key Visual Arts made for an action anime that might air in Toonami is Angel Beats!, and even so, it's treated more like a character-driven drama rather than a flatout action series. And with the Rewrite anime adaptation coming soon, which is also an action series in some sense, it's very likely that it will never in Toonami since it's expected to be a slow-paced character driven drama like every Key Visual Arts work. Hell, even if you have Jun Maeda try to create a 2-cour action series for Toonami, it's very likely that it will never air in the block, since the Toonami audience want fast-paced action. If Toonami viewers want character development and plot, they at least want the action flow with it.

Not only that, most "moe" anime aren't meant to be geared towards a female audience. Not surprisingly enough, many of the "moe" anime featuring a cast of cute girls are usually geared towards a male audience, more specially a seinen audience (adult males). This is because most of the "moe' titles are usually meant as some form of escapism for working Japanese male audience. Most importantly, Japan is infamous for their low birth rates and without prospects of having a child and having one of the most stressful societies in the world, many of these "moe" anime (particularly the Manga Time Kirara ones) mainly serve as a stress reliever for the working adult male audience and some form of "healing" anime of an ideal child that the Japanese adult male may never have. Anime that is considered "healing" or escapism, however, is heavily subjective, as I personally find many of the Toonami anime to be some form of escapism as well.

Now, there are a few "moe" anime that are considered action series. However, most of them are usually harem series that are often otaku-pandering and not really fit for mainstream audience. Toonami will often try to air action anime that is fit for a mainstream audience and often avoid otaku-pandering anime (I will definitely tell you that the Toonami audience will definitely get turned off by a tsundere female character that constantly physically abuse the male lead, as it will may not only be seen as stupid, but flatout offensive).

That being said, there is still hope for "moe" anime consisting of cute girls to air in Toonami. Both Sword Art Online and Akame Ga Kill aren't exactly anime you may consider "manly", yet both series has a diverse cast with a mix of badass adorable cute girls in an action series (although I will like to point out that Sword Art Online is the probably the most controversial anime that aired in Toonami). Even Kill La Kill, which has over the top ridiculous "manly" feel, has a mix of silly cuteness.

The best two action anime with a "moe" feel with a cast consisting of cute girls are Madoka Magica and Sailor Moon (Crystal). However, the major problem is that the English dubs are aired in Hulu, and any anime with English dubs streaming at Hulu or Netflix pretty much kills any chance of the anime airing in Toonami, since many of them are meant to be "streaming exclusive" and cannot be aired on broadcast television. There are other options in the table, but many of them aren't exactly popular and have other factors that might not be Toonami worthy (High School DxD is too otaku-pandering; Aria The Scarlet Ammo has a very unlikable female tsundere loli, not to mention it bombed in the states; Nanoha bombed beautifully in the U.S.; Yuki Yuna is a Hero is considered more of a slice of life character driven drama with a magical girl feel rather than a traditional magical girl anime; and Funimation blew their chances of airing A Certain Magical Index/Scientific Railgun in Toonami, not to mention the sales bombing; and Glitter Force, aka Smile Pretty Cure, is geared towards children and is Netflix exclusive).

Unfortunately, the best "moe" action anime with a cast mostly consisting of cute girls will most likely will come from Sentai Filmworks (since Sentai Filmworks has a good history of licensing niche anime titles, more particularly the "moe" type kinds).

And without any surprise, I feel that Black Bullet is the only action anime with a cast mostly consisting of cute girls that could air in Toonami (more particularly, cute lolis). Black Bullet has an English dub, is an action series, has a "dark and post-apocalyptic feel", has fast-paced action, and is geared towards the intended Toonami audience (an adult male audience). Unfortunately, Black Bullet is considered to be one of the most controversial and one of the most polarizing anime from the spring season. In addition, it's not really that well-received in the west when compared to Japan and not that popular (a lot of the hate towards Black Bullet is mostly due to Enju's antics towards Rentaro, and Enju is a 10-year-old loli who is trying to make romantic moves towards a 16-year-old male protagonist). In fact, Mahouka and Haikyuu!! are arguably more liked and far more popular than Black Bullet (and the fact that Mahouka and Haikyuu!! getting sub-only releases while Black Bullet received an English dub should be a reminder that objective and subjective popularity isn't the only factor when it comes to dubbing decisions).

In fact, if Toonami wants to airs an action series that is considered "cute", they'll more likely to air an anime where a cast is filled with bishonens rather than an anime filled with "moe" girls. This is because bishonens sell in the North American market and has much broader appeal for both male and female audiences and while anime where the cast is mostly consist of "moe" girls mostly only appeal to a male audience (of course, it doesn't hurt to note that most of them are either ecchi harem fanservice anime or slice of life iyashikei, unless if you are talking about anime that are geared towards younger girls). The reason why Attack on Titan, Bleach, Naruto, and One Piece have attracted a large amount fangirls is because in addition to a good number of strong, assertive, female leads, there are numerous bishonens that have attracted a good number of female audience that serves as "husbando bait" (i.e. Levi from Attack on Titans and even Sousuke Aizen, the main villain of Bleach, attracted a female fanbase following). Toonami will most likely will air either Hamatora or K over something like Black Bullet because they want to air anime that appeals to different variety of audiences. Even Haikyuu!! has already proven itself to be more popular and more well-liked than Black Bullet (although the fact that Haikyuu!! didn't get a dub while Black Bullet did is a reminder that objective popularity isn't the only factor when it comes to dubbing decisions).

In conclusion, I do believe the "moe" can work in Toonami (especially if you have a cast that is mostly consisting of cute girls), if they can find the right anime for the block. But even so, it's far-fetched and options are limited. And even so, I've pointed out that other character archetypes have broader audience appeal than lolis (bishonens especially). The problem with "moe" is not the artstyle itself, it's most relating to what genre most of the "moe" anime fall into and the lack of broad mainstream appeal they have. I don't mind seeing Madoka Magica or Sailor Moon Crystal aired in Toonami in the future, as they are currently the best option for the block, but due to legal limitations, the only other option is Black Bullet, and that anime is the most controversial and the most hated spring 2014 anime (but that does not stop me from enjoying the anime. In fact, after learning the flaws of the anime, I actually enjoyed it more, which I will explain in my Black Bullet review).