With Akame Ga Kill Toonami premiere coming close and Parasyte confirmed to be the second Sentai Filmworks, some may wonder, are there any other Sentai Filmworks anime that should air in Toonami?

Now, in regards to what makes an anime "Toonami worthy", there are a few factors that need to put into consideration:
  1. The anime must be an action anime and must always fufill this requirement. Toonami representatives have stated numerous times that it's an action block, not an anime block. It doesn't include my personal Twitter troll picks like School-Live!
  2. The anime must be "dark and edgy" and must have a lot of dark themes. However, if it's too dark and edgy to the point that it requires heavy censorship, Toonami may not consider airing the anime at all.
  3. The anime must target an adult and teenage male audience (15-49). Although Toonami representatives has stated that they are willing to air anime that targets their growing female audience.
  4. The anime must be (objectively) popular. Subjective opinions and popularity doesn't count. And the anime must be compared to other anime from different companies as well.
  5. The anime must be considered "manly." By definition of manly, consider this: what is the opposite of kawaii and moe?
  6. The anime must not be dialogue heavy. Jason DeMarco stated that he wants to avoid dialogue heavy anime.

The anime must fufill at least 4 out of the 6 bulleted list in order to consider to be Toonami worthy (with one of them must always fufill the first one in the list). Also, the anime must get an English dub for obvious reasons.

With that in mind. Here is a list of anime I think is worthy for Toonami airing in no particular order (with + noting the positives, and - the negatives that might prevent the anime from airing in Toonami).

Black Bullet:
+ One of Sentai Filmwork's most popular spring 2014 anime, it's very dark and edgy and very tearjerking. Takes place in a post-apocalyptic setting. Lots of fast-paced action, gore, and reasonable exposition. Also very controversial and polarizing.
- Anime not considered to be "manly" by Toonami standards (most of the characters are cursed children, aka superpowered lolis). Viewers would most likely be turned off by Enju's romantic moves on Rentaro. Not as popular when compared to other spring 2014 anime. Female characters is really hard to relate to (especially for some female viewers).

The Big O:
+ A very popular Adult Swim/Toonami classic where the second season was funded by Cartoon Network themselves. Mecha had historically did decently well in Toonami. Nostalgia for older fans. Explores a lot of dark and mature themes.
- The anime is pretty old. Would be difficult to air in Toonami. Other newer shows that will have better appeal to the older Toonami fans.

Highschool of the Dead:
+ Popular zombie apocalypse zombie action series. Zombie apocalypse genre is fairly popular in America. A unique series of it's own. Very dark, edgy, and gory in every aspects. Even with the numerous badass female characters, it really fits into the "manly" criteria.
- Lots of fanservice that may require a lot of censorship (although to be fair, Kill La Kill also aired in Toonami that had the same amount, if not, more fanservice). Toonami might be turned off by the blantant far right-wing views and themes from the guy who wrote this series.

Hakkenden: Eight Dogs of the East:
+ An action series, a good anime to appeal to a female Toonami fanbase.
- Completely fails on the "dark and edgy" and "manly" criteria. Will not a get a lot viewership due to the fact that it isn't exactly that popular. Shoujo anime (bar a few exceptions) had historically didn't do that well in TV broadcast.

Angel Beats!
+ Very popular anime series, has a decent amount of action scenes. Very good character development and has some appeal to the teenage and adult male audience. Explores a lot of mature themes as well.
- Pretty slow paced. Series is more focused on drama and tearjerkers as with any Key Visual Arts/Jun Maeda's works rather than action. Not considered "manly."

The Ambition of Oda Nobuna:
+ Lots of action scenes and several relatable and competent badass female characters.
- The male lead happens to be a pervert, which makes it hard for the Toonami audience to relate to. Fails on the "manly" criteria. Viewers may not be familiar with the Sengoku period especially when the historical characters are gender-flipped (if Toonami wants to air anything with the Sengoku period, they're better off airing the Sengoku Basara anime, which is far more popular than The Ambition of Oda Nobuna).

+ One of the most popular summer 2015 titles (consistently on one of the top 10 according to Anime Trends). Has a bit of action and fantasy setting mix.
- Still ongoing, slight chance of sub-only release (although highly unlikely that will happen). Main character is an otaku that the Toonami audience may find him difficult to relate. Viewers might be turned off by the strong militarization and JSDF glorification themes involved.

Majestic Prince:
+ It's a mecha anime. Probably add some nostalgia to older mecha and Toonami fans.
- Can't think of any cons of this moment, can anyone here give me some suggestions, and I'll update this part?

Log Horizon:
+ Very popular fantasy RPG type anime. Is one of the most requested anime for the Toonami block. Has a lot of relatable characters for the Toonami audience. Decent amount of action.
- May be seen as an SAO ripoff. Log Horizon is very dialogue heavy (the fact that it's very dialogue heavy may be one of the reasons why some Toonami fans may think it will never air in the block) and it's not really "dark and edgy." In fact, some see Log Horizon to be more lighthearted in comparison to Sword Art Online.

Gatchaman Crowds:
+ One of Sentai Filmworks more popular titles. Has strong appeal to the Toonami fans who are into superheroes and sci-fi. One of the most requested titles for Toonami.
- Not really that "dark and edgy". Probably better if Toonami would air the original Gatchaman instead.

Persona 4 The Animation:
+ Really one of the most requested anime titles for Toonami. Based of a popular RPG game. Explores a lot mature themes. Would most likely draw lots of viewers.
- A bit slice of life-ish. Viewers might be turned off by numerous school life anime cliches.

+ Pretty popular action anime. Very dark and edgy. Has a lot of deep psychological themes. Have strong appeal to the Toonami fanbase.
- May be quickly seen as a ripoff to the Hunger Games.

+A very popular action anime series and is highly requested for Toonami airing. A lot of competent female characters. Pretty dark and edgy in some retrospects.
- Fails on the "manly" criteria.

If there are any other pros and cons you would want to add, please let me know. If there are more titles that you want to see added in my list, please let me know and I'll consider them.