Man, has it really been a little over six months since I stopped being an active member of this community? I still lurk but I don't really login and post anymore. You may wonder why that is and I'll tell you. It's been a fun 18 year ride as an anime fan but I've ultimately grown out of it. My new hobby and passion is film. The great, the mediocre and the total garbage. I could go on and on about blaming other factors but there's nobody or nothing to blame for my growing out of anime. It happens. Believe it or not, it happens.

I'll still be lurking about and on Twitter (@whimsicottkun) being my usual relatively goofy/fun self and talking about the latest good films I watched and liked or loved and garbage films I put myself through because for one, it's fun and two, you have to find a balance.

Don't be a stranger, I won't.
- tgw