I know I've been fairly quiet around here and haven't really talked/gushed about which show I'm watching and the like. Well, here's the big update in the form of a ranking of 2012 anime, either they started or ended in 2012 means they were eligible. It was not easy maintaining this all year long but it was fun. Hope you find this as interesting as I did when it was happening. I'll be doing it next year too, so look forward to it!

Let's begin with the top 10. A coveted position here is a guaranteed buy when available or even if in a lot of cases regrettably. There's a nice bounty of titles here. From my new all-time favorite anime, to my 10 granted to a Kyoto Animation show and even an addicting sports show. This has a bit of everything.

1. Tsuritama
The best and most brilliant show of 2012, hands down. A colorful and beautiful adventure and friendship story that had me yearning week after week for more. Never has fishing been so interesting. If you had asked me when Spring season began what I was most looking forward to, it wasn't Tsuritama but Kids on the Slope. As the season progressed, it stayed at the top. As the year progressed, nothing could break its hold. When it's released and I own it, it will become my #1 anime of all time without fail or hesitation. I could gush on and on but I'm not because I'd like to keep this blog post relatively short.

2. Hyouka
Ladies and gentlemen, the first Kyoto Animation title I have ever given a 10 out of 10 to. It's also another show destined for my all-time favorites, probably also in the top 10 or 15 at least. It didn't have annoying characters - it had some of the best characters of 2012!- and was an intelligent mystery show. I can't forget how utterly gorgeous it was. It had single-handily restored my faith in Kyoto Animation after less-than-exciting (that were supposedly good) works in the past. I used to avoid KyoAni shows outright, but thanks to Hyouka, I give them a few more chances than I used to. Just waiting on that license announcement, it's not a question of if just when.

3. Kuroko's Basketball
Rarely does a sports series pull off everything right. Kuroko's Basketball is that rarity. Addicting, exciting, extremely well animated and full of interesting characters and personalities. It just got a green light for a second season so it's possible it will be around next year to take a slot here again. The last sports series to really impress and wow me was Ookiku Furikabutte (Big Windup) and sadly it sold horribly here. Sports anime do not do well here. Thus, this one will never get a US release and that makes me very, very sad.

4. Hunter x Hunter '11
5. Zetsuen no Tempest
6. Psycho-Pass
7. Magi: the labyrinth of magic

All of these titles are still airing and will continue into 2013 and take places in those rankings. That said, all of them managed to be incredible and leave me in senses of fun and even disbelief each week. I cant comment further since they aren't done. While its unclear how these shows will progress and end but what is clear is that they hijacked the crap out of this top 10 of 2012. This bodes well for 2013 right off the bat. Let's hope this potential is not wasted.

8. Kids on the Slope
I'm not going to be another person to sing the praises of this show. It is an excellent show and worth the time, but it felt like it was missing something the entire time. I could never quite pinpoint it. A re-watch on blu-ray next year may decide if I really liked it as much and maybe I'll figure out what it was missing.

9. Lupin the Third: The Woman Called Fujiko Mine
An artistic and interesting take on a classic franchise. I really found it excellent in most of the show. Fujiko is awesome. It had 3 or 4 weak episodes in the middle but rebuilt itself at the end for a stunning conclusion. If it hadn't slacked in those episodes, it would have gotten ranked higher but what can you do? Not much now, haha.

10. Tari Tari
At the end of every episode, all I could think of was how charming and likable the show was. The only problem I have with the show was the fact it wasn't longer. I could watch another 12 episodes! It was a wonderful show from start to end. I could watch this all day and just have a grin on my face all the time.

The rest of the shows that survived my three episode test and went on to be completed. A number of them were highly successful and others not so much. The three episode test is something I will keep going into 2013 as I felt it has helped expand my level of interest in particular shows.

11. Phi Brain: Puzzle of God 1st Season
12. From The New World
13. Symphogear
14. The Pet Girl of Sakurasou
15. Kimi to Boku. 2nd Season
16. Mysterious Girlfriend X
17. Phi Brain: Puzzle of God 2nd Season
18. Kokoro Connect
19. K
20. Humanity Has Declined
21. Jormungand
22. Dog Days 2nd Season
23. Future Diary
24. Black Rock Shooter
25. Jormungand 2nd Season
26. Thermae Romae
27. Saki - Episode of Side A
29. Lagrange - Flower of Rinne 1st Season
30. Fate/zero 2nd Season
31. Guilty Crown
32. My Little Monster
33. Lagrange - Flower of Rinne 2nd Season