In February of 1997, I was exposed to anime and discovered much more in the months that followed in that year. Throughout that time, I have gone through ups and downs. Though for the last year or two, my interest has been waning in anime, so much so that my physical collection was cut by 50% throughout 2011. Looking ahead to 2012, I expect my interest to increase again as there are titles I want coming out by the truckload. I'll also be avoiding those nasty impulse and blind buys. Those can be one's undoing, as I'm sure everyone knows. I'm retaking control and keeping a tighter focus on what I want, like and own.

Let's get on with the show before I ramble too much.

#20 Baka and Test: Summon The Beasts
Bet nobody saw this one coming. It beat out a lot shows to ascend to my #20 slot. Probably one of the few legitimate surprises and shocks in this list. I think this qualifies as the guiltiest pleasure I have ever had. It was just so much fun and to be frank, I like fun and have had a serious lack of it for years when it comes to anime. It hits all the right notes for comedy, romance and action. Also, Hideyoshi is quite win and totally wish that the Limited Edition came with a body pillow of Hideyoshi. Man, that sounds creepy but argh, who cares, it is Hideyoshi!

#19 Outlaw Star
The first anime that I officially became in love with. I refused to sit down with the family for dinner until it was over. I'll always remember spending $100 on the really cool box set (not the Anime Legends version) from my birthday money. That's true love and dedication. I still have said box set and receipt from Suncoast. I had to re-watch the show a thousand times. The show played to everything a teenage boy would like. Action, adventure and just a whole lot of fun. Then it got serious and got me in love with anime. Also, Melfina was my first anime girlfriend.

#18 RahXephon
Oh no, its the Evangelion rip-off or whatever the argument or feud is. I don't particularly pay attention to them whackos and neither should you or anyone. RahXephon is it's own beast and what a beast it is. I have always loved Studio Bones and their original works, some may be hit and miss and some may be masterpieces but one thing nobody can deny is that they are a creative studio. RahXephon is creative and a masterpiece. Also, that opening song is just wow.

#17 The SoulTaker
Another one from left field, if I do say so myself, since not many people have seen or heard of it. Directed by Akiyuki Shinbo, surprise surprise, this show is really just amazing. Downright amazing. Not many people like or love it, but I do. The show is beautifully animated and well done, its clear its a Shinbo work and set the artistic and storyline bar of what to expect from him for the decade to come. It's a surprisingly complex show that works well and its just right on every level. Also, it can be had for cheap off of Right Stuf for like $15 and at that price, it would be good cart filler item.

#16 Irresponsible Captain Tylor TV
Last year, I watched Irresponsible Captain Tylor for the first time. After finishing the series, I asked myself why it took so long to discover this wonderful anime. I proceeded to bang my head on a relatively soft surface. Irresponsible Captain Tylor is just so absurd, obnoxious and ridiculously good. The remastered version is gorgeous and well worth picking up and recommending at any time. I can come up with negatives for a lot of shows, Tylor TV is one of those where I can't.

Tomorrow evening at around this time, I'll be posting #15-11 with at least one surprise!