The past six months I have been trying to get out anime by trading in stuff I don't want to Amazon or to local used stores like MovieStop. I have not been as interested in anime the past six months as I have for the past 13 years. I feared it was pretty much the end and for a while there it was almost assuredly going to occur. At this point I do see my interest in anime taking more hits in the future but I have been reinvigorated to be able to take those hits. I know all this sounds nuts or corny, but it just feels right to talk about it no matter how crazy I sound right now.

I was getting rid of stuff I blind bought and ended up not liking or liking enough to where it got a certain rating from me (9/10 or higher with a few 8s in there too). My collection is now made up of shows and movies that I would have no problem re-watching and shows i love to freaking death. I am much, much happier with how things have turned out as well. Some shows I will miss but others I most certainly will not. Although that is now more-or-less complete and I have gutted about 50% of my collection, the industry has opted to pull me back in and is taking no prisoners in doing so. I am much more careful in my purchasing habits as well. I managed to develop a personal tier system and will begin to get used later this year. I am more open to blind buying than I was six months ago but it now goes through a grueling process to get on my to buy list.

With the recent AnimeExpo announcements, the industry has doubled my plan to buy list. There weren't many titles on the list to begin with (like six), so doubling it was no problem to 13 to 14 titles. They have managed to add Kimi ni Todoke, Puella Magi Madoka Magica, Garasaki, Nadesico, the Professor Layton movie and the ef memories/melodies. Most are one-shot releases but that does add up. I had already gotten rid of my Clannad sub-only DVDs (never did upgrade, saw no reason - the sub-only were more than acceptable) but the surprise of a blu-ray release was welcome and a most assured purchase. On the note of AX, the most surprising and exciting announcement had to be the ef memories/melodies announcement. I'm not ready to declare a winner of AX yet, but Sentai and Aniplex are definitely front-runners.

Perhaps one can only expect that Otakon and potentially NYAF will draw me in further. I thought many times during a day for the past few months that my first hobby in life was fading but today those feelings are not prevalent. It's been a long time since I felt this excited for anime and it feels good. If this AX has brought anything, it has brought some level of disappointment but it has brought a level of interest in anime back in me and I guess when I look at it that way, its pretty freaking great!

That's enough corny, crazy and just whackness today.
- tgw