It snowed the day before and was still snowing when I "ran", but the trail was cleared. I thought I could go 40 minutes again. I ran across a moose and a person(s) under an overpass where the trail follows through. I didn't have my glasses on so I could not till if there were two people or just the one. It sounded like there was a conversation, but I could only hear once distinct voice.

Here's the moose:

Here's the overpass:

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It was still snowing again today. Actually it was snowing quite a bit since this morning. Regardless, I ran outside through the four to six inches of fluff. I mean a sturdy and strong walk this time. Even with trudging through the snow I was only 200 steps shy of my normal pace. I could even run a little. There was no moose this time. He probably knew better than to be out in the snow. I had to wear ski googles so I could see the trail. Oh and I'm bringing them to work for the drive back. I''d rather not be stuck again.

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4 to 6 inches of snow


The trail I use wasn't plowed when I tired to "run". It looked like this:

I'm pretty happy I will be stepping the next two days. I have a closing shift so I would rather not run at the stroke of midnight. Today I jogged the perimeter of the lake. I honestly thought I would take more than the 30 minutes due to all of the snow.

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