Over the years, I have collected a lot of anime figures. I have maybe about 100 of them displayed in my house and more boxed due to lack of space. The one thing that I dreaded was cleaning and dusting them every once in a while (I've actually broken like 6 figures when cleaning) - takes a long time to do so.

Today, I finally decided to try out the Swiffer and see how good of a job it does. I bought a starter kit that came with the handle and 5 pads. HOLY DAMN! The thing is amazing at cleaning figures and the shelves they sit on. I was able to clean three areas where I have figures displayed pretty quickly and it didn't feel like a chore (it actually felt fun for once).

While great, two issues have cropped up - I have to be careful about the cleaning pad catching various parts or hair of a figure and the thing doesn't seem to be the best to quickly dust my large collection of figmas and nendoroids.

While the thing will cost me money over time, it's not going to be too bad because I can get by with dusting with two pads once every two months or so since the Swiffer seems to pick up dust extremely easily.

I definitely rate the Swiffer 4.5 out of 5 stars.