The short story - I wasted about $25 buying a game on Xbox Live Game on Demand that I already had on disc.

Long story - I have an Asian Xbox Live account for the sole purpose of buying Idolmaster 2 DLC (Asian points are cheaper than Japanese points). I also found out recently that not all games on the Games on Demand service is IP locked. The Asian market has a handful of Japanese games and I tried to download two of them I wanted and was denied.

The next game I tried was Radirgy NOA Massive to see if that game is also IP locked even though it's a Japanese game. I click to buy, change payment to points and then confirm, and next thing I know it, I bought it. Great. I just bought game that I already own on disc due to my silly curiosity. 2000 points wasted.

The plus is that now if I want to play Radirgy, I don't need to pop the disc in anymore, but I don't foresee myself playing that game any time soon though.