I went out to karaoke for the first time with a bunch of friends yesterday. It was a place one of my friends knew about and it was pretty cool. I had blast. Well, we all did. The interesting thing that caught my eye was the Japanese song lists in the booth. I decided to take a gander.

Damn...I thought to myself "I wish I knew Japanese to be able to sing these songs." Besides the usual J-pop/J-rock groups I knew, there was a decent amount of Anime OP/ED songs in the list (I only looked through the book of new songs): Girls Dead Monster, K-On, Railgun OP/ED, Bakemonogatari OP, Bleach, Reborn, etc. Pretty cool.

Well...even if I was fluent in Japanese, I would need friends first who were into anime to be able to karaoke the stuff. So, problem solved. No need to karaoke anime songs since no else I know can.