I recently ordered two games from Amiami and I always like to ship my stuff via EMS. The games in question were Senran Kagura for the 3DS (I don't have one yet, but I pre-ordered the game for the pre-order swag of artbook and drama CD) and To Heart 2 DX Limited Edition for the PS3.

The shipping for those two items came to 5120 yen which is about 70USD. Damn, just damn. The shipping cost is that high because the To Heart game comes with a 300 page "Perfect Visual" artbook, a pre-order goodie tote-bag and a 4 disc soundtrack. Yea...that artbook is the culprit that did me in. Luckily, Amiami was running a 10% off total invoice price promotion which was great so I technically paid less for shipping.

::Sigh:: I know I should use SAL or Airmail to save money, but it's so hard to beat the quick and efficient shipping of EMS.