One thing that has recently annoyed me with websites that report tech news is currency conversion. And, this mostly deals with phone news.

Usually, new phones are announced or leaked with pricing else where in the world (most of the time it's Europe) since the US is really slow on getting new phones in the market.

The article will list the price in whatever currency it is (Yen, Pounds, Euros) and then in parentheses give an approximate US price. The problem is it's a currency conversion and we know the price of stuff, especially technology, is more along the lines of 1:1 instead of doing a straight-up conversion.

I never understood why news sites have to do this when it is totally inaccurate. Maybe people are trolling the comments, but there are comments with "why is it so expensive?" and the such. It does get pretty annoying (not so much the comments, but this price approximation via currency exchange rates).

Oh, the silliness...