So I recently upgraded my Crunchyroll subscription to include their manga service, mainly for checking out a few select titles. At the same time, I will definitely be checking out some of the other titles in their catalog. Whatever the case, I will highlight the various series I come across here for further discussion.

Joshi Kausei

Joshi Kausei is a manga by Wakai Ken, and a relatively uncommon "silent manga", where none of the characters speak any dialogue. (I know what you're thinking: must be really easy to translate! But there are various texts that are translated, so it's not like they could just post the raws and call it a day. ) The manga centers around a cheerful, carefree girl, Momoko, who finds various ways to amuse herself, and later expands to include her friends, the innocent Mayumi and the cool Shibumi.

The chapters focus on some random thing Momoko does (sometimes with the rest of the girls, sometimes by herself) for amusement. For example, the first chapter (available for free) shows her as she accidentally makes off with a traffic cone, and using it in various silly ways. The "silent character does things to amuse herself" aspect is similar to Tonari no Seki-kun (though obviously without the commentary by an outside party), though the manga itself, with the girls having fun in various ways, has something of a Yuyushiki feel to it.

It's a cute and amusing manga, and the chapters are short, so you'll quickly get through the 19 chapters available currently and be ready for the simulpub chapters. It's certainly worth trying out.

You can read the manga on Crunchyroll here. (Only the first chapter is available to non-subscribers.)