I have decided to implement a new rating scale in addition to my current 0.0-10.0 rating scale. I call this scale my "Raw Score" scale, as it is basically my opinion of the show after factoring out to an extent my individual preferences, personal resonances and genre biases. The idea is to give a better indication of how much I would recommend a given show to others. Here is a rundown of how my new rating scale works.

- The rating scale is primarily based on letter grades, which I have also correlated to a 0-10 numeric scale (technically 0-11, but there is and will only ever be one 11-scoring show). Numerically, all scores are whole numbers; there will be no decimal differentiation like with my previous rating scale.

- I have not abolished my old rating system. I will be using these two rating scales together to give a fuller idea of my opinion on a show. My previous 0.0-10.0 rating scale from now on will be referred to as "Personal Score". (Generally speaking, Personal Scores will be higher than Raw Scores.)

- I will generally not assign a Raw Score until a show either finishes or airs at least 26 episodes. So my Currently Watching posts will generally only show Personal Scores until shows start being finished.

- I have yet to actually get around to doing this, but on MAL and other anime list sites, I will be using Raw Scores for their rating fields, while including my Personal Scores in tags or comments. Edit: My MAL profile has now been updated with scores reflecting Raw Scores and Personal Scores as tags.

- I should note that Raw Scores are not intended to be a completely objective evaluation of any given show. They are still based to an extent on my personal enjoyment of the show as well as my own opinions of what makes a good show. As such, I fully expect disagreement with some of my ratings.

- Generally speaking, I value Personal Scores over Raw Scores, and the former will be mainly what I base purchasing decisions on. Raw Scores are helpful, though, for helping me evaluate how much of my love for a show is personal taste, as well as whether or not I can recommend the show to others.

And now, here is the rating scale itself, as well as what kinds of shows will get each rating, plus some examples of shows with each score.

A+ (11/10): Reserved for only the most absolute perfect anime in existence.
> Right now, the Aria series is the only show with this score, and chances are, it will stay that way. (On MAL, it will be considered a 10/10 show.)

A (10/10): Masterpiece anime. Anime so incredibly well-crafted that they are recommended even for non-anime fans. They represent the best of what the medium has to offer. They might not be perfect, but their flaws are vastly overshadowed by the good which the anime accomplishes.
> 10/10 shows will be extremely rare. Currently, in addition to Aria, I only have seven other 10/10 TV series: AnoHana, Bunny Drop, Clannad (including After Story), Haibane Renmei, Humanity Has Declined, Nichijou, and Silver Spoon (both seasons).

A- (9/10): Outstanding anime. Recommended for every anime fan, these shows pull off what they set out to do with near-perfect execution for a very fulfilling experience. They have their flaws, which might be more prominent, but they are minimal and do not interfere with the show’s strengths.
> Examples: Fruits Basket, Hidamari Sketch, the Monogatari series, Toradora. These are pretty rare; I only have 20 total out of over 200 different anime series and movies I've watched.

B+ (8/10): Very good anime. Can be recommended to any anime fan except those who hate the show’s genre, these shows are overall very enjoyable and can be considered “classics”, particularly with respect to their genre. Flaws are notable and keep the show from being among anime’s top echelon, but otherwise do not keep the show from being a good watch.
> Examples: Attack on Titan, Girls und Panzer, Kokoro Connect, Saki.

B (7/10): Good anime. Recommendable to anime fans in general with the understanding that it might not suit a decent portion of the fandom’s tastes. Fun, enjoyable, entertaining, albeit not necessarily memorable, these shows make a good way to pass a lazy day. Has flaws that do stand out, though, keeping the shows in question from being scored higher.
> Examples: Haganai (both seasons), Kin-iro Mosaic, Love Live! (both seasons), The Flowers of Evil

B- (6/10): Above-average anime. Probably only recommended for genre fans, these shows are very much steeped in their tropes and plot devices, with only minimal writing and execution done to make them rise above others like it. Their flaws are easy to find. However, they do have some amount of quality to them that makes them enjoyable and by no means a waste of time for its fans.
> Examples: Dog Days, Love, Election & Chocolate, Nyaruko: Crawling with Love! (both seasons)

C+ (5/10): Average anime. These shows do nothing to rise above their generic plots and tropes, but neither do they particularly stink of badness. Their flaws pretty much balance out completely with their good points, leaving an experience that might be called likable by genre fans. Not exactly a show to be recommended, but at the same time I cannot outright dissuade others from it.
> Examples: Henneko, Oreshura, Sword Art Online (season 1)

C (4/10): Mediocre anime. With overall below-average execution, these shows strain the limit of what might be considered “enjoyable”, even by genre fans. At best, one might like certain isolated elements from the show, and watch the show for those elements only. The rest of the show is not particularly interesting and will either be ignored or noted for its strong flaws. Successful “so bad it’s good” shows may fall under this score.
> Examples: Brothers Conflict, Kimikiss: Pure Rouge. A very rare score for me; I currently have only 5 shows with this score, as these shows I usually drop long before I finish them.

C- (3/10): Bad anime. Shows that completely flop in execution, such that not even genre fans would like it. At best, it can be enjoyed at a “so bad it’s good” level, and even then, it starts to feel like it’s not quite worth the watch. Only thing saving these shows from absolute depravity is that, all things considered, one might enjoy maybe a couple of minutes of the show total.
> Example: Photo Kano. Again, a very rare score, with only 4 shows with this score, as I'd usually drop the show well before it reaches this point.

D (2/10): Horrible anime. Lacking any redeeming qualities whatsoever, there is absolutely nothing to like about these shows.
> No show currently has this score, and I doubt I will ever give it out since I'd probably never finish such a show. This score and the ones below it exist mainly as an acknowledgement that there are some really bad anime out there (also in case I ever get forced to watch one at gunpoint or something).

F (1/10): Offensive anime. Going beyond just being bad, these shows are outright demeaning to humanity. Generally reserved for “special” hentai and other shows that clearly had the wrong thing to say.
> Again, will probably never be given officially.

F- (0/10): Reserved for the absolute worst anime of all time, which is probably some horrifically offensive hentai that some amateur made in the back of his garage and released in a shady back corner at Comiket about a decade ago. In other words, I haven’t seen it and almost certainly never will. Still, I have to acknowledge that it exists.