The disclaimer: Spoilers for the Show Abound. Reader Discretion Advised.
Summary: Gyebaek receives a letter from Kim Chunchu and finds out about Eungo's identity.

Why episode descriptions? Why do you spoil the best bits one episode and then not even attempt to describe the following episode?
Second to last episode everyone! Indeed, Gye Baek just found out what Eungo has been up to, trading the security of her country for her own son’s future. Guess what Eungo? Your son is not going to have a country to rule if you destroy it!
Gye Baek confronts Eungo about her trechory. She doesn’t really give him the satisfaction of a response.

You’ve heard of the King with no clothes? This is the King with no balls.

I’m very disappointed in you. DUDE, throw her through a wall! I’m not advocating violence against my gender, but she needs to be slapped around from being a scumbag of a human being. Why doesn’t the King at least keep her under like, house arrest? No one in or out, tell people she has the clap or something.

Meanwhile, Kim Chunchu’s spies are busy putting up fliers saying the queen is a spy.
Things escalate... quickly...

It’s not long before the whole administration knows, and an investigation begins.
Gye Baek heads north and talks to his northern counterpart. The Koguryo general tells Gye Baek what we already knew from last episode:

So, of course the court panics.
Meanwhile, Gye Baek is starting to have a bad feeling about this and tells Cho Young to be prepared for all hell breaking loose.
All while Eungo sneaks out of the country. And for a brief moment almost doesn’t make it.

NOW she has a crisis of concious. Now she wants to save her country. She had intended on poisoning Kim Chunchu and herself at the same time. Now she feels she has to warn her country.
In escaping she made the right decision. Imja eats it.

Of course, the escape doesn’t go well for Eungo.

Arrow to the back, not the knee.
Gye Baek can’t get any reliable information, and Eungo is making her way back to the city heavily injured and in really bad shape. She somehow makes it Gye Baek’s house and Cho Young saves her.

Eungo marches off to her inevitable doom. No one shall escape this reckoning.

So it goes. Gye Baek speaks at delaying the execution as to not give Silla that satisfaction. No one else agrees with it... no one except Huengsu. He arrives, delays Eungo’s sentence, hands off his book, and leaves. Too cool for this show.

Eungo doesn’t take the news that she’s not being beheaded right away very well.

No girl, you do not. In the words of Martin Blank, no one chooses when.

Next week is the epic finale. Bring your tissues and your whiskey, for next week we march to our glorious death.

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