The disclaimer: Spoilers for the Show Abound. Reader Discretion Advised.

Spoiler ->Seongchung discovers Eungo's secret identity, but he is murdered by Eungo on his way to tell Euija.

Here’s a lesson that characters in television shows never seem to learn; if you suspect someone of being a murders, a traitor, or otherwise dangerous... make sure you aren’t the only one who KNOWS.

This is a lesson that Sungchung didn’t learn even though he was supposed to be the smartest one of the bunch. He didn’t even think to bring guards with him on his way to the King, and he pays a heavy price for it.

It’s crazy that Eungo goes this far, and crazier still that she’s being so short sighted. Of course, I always say that having kids nukes brain cells so maybe that’s why she’s so stupid now. Speaking of children, we haven’t seen a teenage Hyo. The show doesn’t want to bother adding another cast member this late or something?

Gye Baek feels a disturbance in the force out on the front line. Well, actually he has a prophetic dream were one of his best friends heads off into a white light. That’s not forboding.

Heungsu is the one who finds the body. He is also the only one who knows who really perpetrated the crime, and threatens accordingly. However, he has no proof to back it up so he has to make a hollow threat. One that doesn’t end up so hollow when he gets a message FROM BEYOND THE GRAVE!

A message covered in shit....

While Eungo didn’t believe he had any proof to hold over her, it turns out he did! I still don’t understand why Sungchung didn’t just bring a bodyguard force! Well, now the King knows what Eungo did and isn’t letting her crying persuade him that she’s not a big fat liar.

However, the King can’t remove the Queen from her position without the whole country finding out, and right now everything is so delicate that it would be a disaster. Much to the anger of Heungsu, whose only recourse at this point is to leave.

He can’t even tell Gye Baek, who comes back to the capital for a visit, the truth of the matter. Gye Baek swears vengence on the Silla spies that killed his friend!

In the aftermath of the falling of the brotherhood, Silla makes their move. Withdrawing troops for a huge attack, they make ready with the Chinese troops to launch an all out assault on Baekje. And to make matters worse, Kim Chunchu sends Gye Baek a snarky letter telling him who really killed Sungchung... and offering a deal in the process.

We are but an episode from the finale...

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