The disclaimer: Spoilers for the Show Abound. Reader Discretion Advised.
Summary: After losing in battle for the first time, Gyebaek goes to Seorabol where Euija arrests him.
My connection is surprisingly choppy during this episode.
I can’t figure our what Eungo is thinking, handing over this information to Silla in the first place. She hates Uija, but this traitorous behavior puts her whole country at risk. What’s the good of having your son recognized as the King if you have no country for him to rule?
Gye Baek is just blaming himself though.

I don’t deserve to live! BWHAA.
They lock Gye Baek up for the time being, and Cho Young knows better than to run off and try to rescue him. At least one person learned something at some point during this show.
Gye Baek doesn’t believe he had a spy in his ranks, the advisors still suspect Eungo (and their right), and the King doesn’t seem to give a shit about who it was that sold him out.

Eungo goes to the seer once again, for advice. The seer tells her that Gye Baek’s fine, don’t worry...

Yeah, Eungo wanted to hear that she was pure evil, I’m sure. One death threat later and Eungo storms away.
The bad guys are gloating about their good fortune, and about sending the Chinese envoy to Baekje to break up their Koguryo alliance.
The advisors finally make their move to look into Eungo’s betrayal.

The Chinese envoy presents eyewitness proof that Baekje has allied with Koguryo, against China’s orders. Then the obnoxious envoy accuses King Uija of not following his “emperor.”
Uija responds how you think he would.

Do it man! Lop his head off and send it back in a box! That’s how it was done in merry old England! (or was that Rome... well whatever!)

Awh, just his hair?

Well, the Tang Dynasty has now been insulted. Hey, maybe the Chinese court doesn’t like the ambassador either. He’s a louse. To get an idea of how poor an idea of making enemies of Tang China was at the time, this is silk road/massive empire China. Not a great idea.
The advisors meet with Gye Baek to formulate a defense strategy to protect themselves from China, as if they didn’t have enough to worry about. Gye Baek is surprisingly Zen about this whole situation, considering how badly everything is going.
The King asks Eungo to get a list of all of Tang China’s enemies.

Now were setting ourselves up for the endgame here. (Interestingly, we historically know about as much about Japan in the 600s as we do about Ireland in the 600s. Mostly what is known was from quasi-mythological records and what other countries (like Korea here) wrote about them.)
Amusingly, Eungo is now in a worse position than ever. What’s her faces son is at the Chinese court learning over there, China could declare him King.
Eungo is still being controlled by Silla.

And whoops.... Sungchung nearly catches Eungo’s advisors spy in the act of getting reading to leave for the Silla court.

And then... wait... what?

Oh, huh. It turns out that Gye Baek plotted his whole capture and imprisonment thing. No wonder he looked so damned happy. He had a plan to recapture the fort he lost. TRUST NO ONE, TELL NO ONE. Except Uija and now Cho Young, because she has to see him off. Awh.

So we march, and attack. And it’s another night attack with fire arrows and storming castle walls and spinny stabs and all things choreographed.

Kim Yushin gets away, of course no one on Baekje’s side had a horse to pursue the guy.
That’s not the shocking thing though, the shocking thing is the King giving Gye Baek credit.
Meanwhile, our boy in the corner office catches Eungo’s messenger for real and uncovers his invisible message.

Take her down!
(Oh, and if you are following along... don’t watch the next episode previews! Spoiler city.)

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