The disclaimer: Spoilers for the Show Abound. Reader Discretion Advised.
Summary: Euija tries to recruit Gyebaek again when he hears of Shilla's recent attacks, but Gyebaek rejects him.

Did the subtitle font change, or is it just me?
We’re now approaching endgame for this series. We’re finally closing in on the end of the kingdom of Baekje, and in the context of the show that’s hardly a surprise.
Uija sends the advisors off to find Gye Baek and see if he won’t come back and save the country. Although happy to see his old friends, the answer is no.

Well, then the King goes off to see Gye Baek.
The only tactic Uija can use to convince Gye Baek to be a general again is an apology and Gye Baek’s own words.
For what it’s worth, it was a great apology.

And it works! Gye Baek draws up a plan and presents it to the King. The army is very short on man power, they need a draft. And... they need to use the palace forces.
Won’t that leave everything at risk?

DO IT. Wow, it only took Uija 12 years to calm down.
It’s the last request that should be giving Uija pause, Gye Baek wants to meet with the northern country’s leader, the usurping military general.

Yeah, Eungo is shocked. She, alas, hasn’t calmed down like her husband. She’s still a conniving power hungry whatever. She’s still pissed at Gye Baek, apparently.
Cho Young wants to ride out with her hubby, since she’s the only one who knows the Grand Marshal of Koguryo. Who’s looking after the kids? Well... that’s not important. It’s kind of funny she still acts all reserved and awkward around him and was still calling him general.
This show is weird sometime. Ok, a lot of the time.
After Spaz Boss Dokge (and I only know his name now because he says it about 200 times in this scene) makes an ass of himself (for the 200th time) in front of the northern general, a confused Gye Baek meets with him to discuss saving their countries.

Ah, casual insults.

It’s all right though, this pissing contest results in an alliance. That’s all you can really ask for.
Next, Gye Baek makes the mistake which will cost him everything. He sets a trap to catch the Silla General who once held him as a prisoner, and catches him easily.
THEN HE LETS HIM GO. Because... honor or some shit.

The King doesn’t hear of this weird decision. He orders the troops to return to he Capital for a victory march, but Gye Baek reneges. Instead only he returns, and things still remain calm.

Meanwhile, Eungo’s plotting with Silla is coming back to bite her in the ass. Good.

She’s fallen to treason. WOW, way to fail at being a mastermind Eungo. Hey, it’s just one little fort, it can’t possibly cause a huge ass problem can it?
Argh. Eungo has to go.

Gye Baek says a tearful goodbye to Cho Young and the kids and rides back out. NOT KNOWING EUNGO SOLD OUT HIS PLANS TO SILLA.

Oh hey, but look, China suddenly accepts the crown prince as the legitimate heir!

How can that be?

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