The disclaimer: Spoilers for the Show Abound. Reader Discretion Advised.

Spoiler ->On the day of Eungo's appointment to empress, the soldiers gather outside the palace to ask that Euija release Gyebaek.

This is going to be an image heavy post. Be prepared for massive spoilers.

Is this what compromise looks like?
Uija calms down long enough to formulate a weirdly sane argument for wanting Gye Baek away from the front lines, but not in the capital. He wants to give Gye Baek a position off in what I can only guess is the boondocks.
The court is a little upset their loosing their only decent commander. Huengsu is angry that it looks like a deal to get him back in court.
Cho Young and the boys are more than a little upset.

Cho Young makes an appeal to Eungo to have her act on Gye Baek’s behalf to prevent his being sent off away from the front. It doesn’t go well...

Then a protest breaks out. STOP IT GUYS, your gonna make things worse.
Ugh, see...

Okay, so now Gye Baek is arrested and the King blames him for the protest. Eungo was told to keep her mouth shut till she’s queen and since her coronation was interrupted she can’t do shit. This is a lovely mess.

Escalating madness.
Cho Young decides they must break into jail and rescue Gye Baek. they should have just let him be sent away from the front lines and waited for shit to calm down but NO. They had to instigate this in front of the illogical paranoia of his majesty the King of Idiots.

This is not going to end well. Not at all.
There’s no way out of this mess. None.

NOOO. Goddamnit spunky friend! She jumps on the King when he tries to kill Gye Baek. Holy balls. What the fuck girl!??
Awh, fuck you forever Uija, you drunk arsehole.

Damn this show.

Do you think Eungo feels even the slightest bit of guilt at using Cho Young all those years? Cho Young does what Eungo could never do, risks her own life to save the man she loves. UNREQUITED. Amazing.

Uh... wait... WHAT??
Another time skip? Well... okay... that explains the fade to black. Oh wow. That’s the final time skip. We’re heading into the end stretch. It is, as we say, all downhill from here.

Silla is doing well for itself. All that trust that should have been there between Uija and Gye Baek is real for the Silla King and his general. Now this is how country falls. To evil laughter. Yup, getting rid of Gye Baek was a brilliant move.
Oh, by the way, it’s been 12 years but our advisor friends look exactly the same.
Actually, our side of the cast all looks exactly the same. The only person who seems to have aged is spaz boss. Who looks like a hobo now!
Oh, so now maybe the King’s calmed down enough to forgive Gye Ba-

Oh yay! Wait... OH SHIT. Oh no....
.... ooooh this is bad terrible bad terrible....
Oh my god, I hate you show. I thought they were setting Gye Baek up to marry that orphan girl who had the hots for him, remember her? This isn’t going to end well, we know what happens at the end of this story!
Can’t it all just end like this?

I’m gonna pretend it does.
This episode just keeps going though.
The Queen’s advisor comes up with a traitorous scheme to sell out their allies to the north in exchange for Silla pulling strings with China so that they’ll recognize Eungo’s son as heir. He manages to meet with the other side who demands nothing less than the head of Gye Baek in the deal.

This is very bad.

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