The disclaimer: Spoilers for the Show Abound. Reader Discretion Advised.
Summary: Euija recovers from his illness, and Eungo fills him in on what the empress has been up to.

“Wake up so I can hate you more!”
We’re at episode 30, rejoice! The end is in sight.

First thing Uija asks is “how long was I out?” Dipshit knows how long he was out. Eungo tells him what’s happened in a cut away.

You should hear the music during this part.... fantastic.
Eungo wants all their enemies dead, and the King is more than happy to oblige. All these characters are terribly broken.
Also, no one knows Uija is awake yet. Shh... it’s a secret. Hur hur...

Gye Baek makes an appeal for Eungo. The Queen doesn’t know about the King being awake, and Eungo leads the Queen right to the King. I foresee an epic slap down, and I’m not even that seer chick.
Ah, and here’s the moment where the Queen digs her own grave.

Yeah, the Queen is in trouble now.
Eungo leaves the palace under pretense that the King isn’t awake, basically tossing aside Gye Baek and Cho Young’s offer of escort. Gye Baek did what was right and that was that, but Eungo doesn’t forgive and forget. She is pure retribution, that one.

The Queen resides over court, swaying ever so slightly... and watching the scene is driving me nuts because she keeps swaying ever so slightly back and forth. Ok, so that hairdo is probably heavy and stuff but... man... that’s distracting.
The Queen seals her fate by demanding to use the Royal Seal.

One peal of evil laughter, and one banishment later, and Eungo is firmly back in charge.
The King tries to decide if his former brothers are plotting against him, and that results in a mess of an argument.

Eungo wants them all punished, as she’s turned into a pure vengeful bitch.
The seer advisors her to not seek the throne, and looks crestfallen when she realizes how she’s too late.

Huengsu is the first to be threatened by Eungo to get the hell out of town. He basically tells her to fuck off. It does no good though...


Ha ha ha ha ha. Not only did they fall at creating a more perfect system of government, it’s gone in the completely opposite direction. Monarchy in a vacuum. This is how a country falls. Excellent, let it all burn. Where’s my fiddle?

Eungo has gone into pure evil mode. Perfect. She’s going to meet her end on a sword, mark my words.
Meanwhile, the council is trying to figure out how not to be disbanded. I don’t think anything they say, short of pledging to be powerless yesmen, will change the King via Eungo’s mind.
Hey, remember that asshole who was trying to sell out the kingdom? Sacrificial goat.

Gye Baek and the boys try to come up with a way to solve this madness. Gye Baek wishes to go talk to the King, but the gang warns that a move could but the heat on Gye Baek and start WWIII... er, you get the idea.
Meanwhile, Eungo calls the counsel in and tells them they are fucked unless they pledge their undying loyalty to the King. Didn’t I just call that? 9.9 Yeah, I did. ؛–؛

Seongchung tries to appeal to the King, who snaps and throws an inkwell at him, drawing a lot of blood, somehow. It’s unintentionally hilarious. Gye Baek is shocked... Seongchung still tries to be diplomatic about the whole thing, and ends up sounding like a battered wife. “I fell down the stairs.”
Gye Baek argues with the King to reinstate Huengsu, and Gye Baek will return to the front and he’ll never set foot in the capital again. This conversation goes as well as you’d expect.

Gye Baek gets his way, and his last appeal the Eungo is to keep her eyes on the King and try to not be so evil. For the good of Baekje.
For the good on Baekje, maybe Uija should have stayed dead. Actually, if Gye Baek had become a military leader, well... too bad we have to stick to history.

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