The disclaimer: Spoilers for the Show Abound. Reader Discretion Advised.
Summary: Gyebaek returns the embroidered pouch to Eungo and refuses her request that he support the prince.

Once again, the episode descriptions are running a bit behind the plot. That happened at the end of the episode, which saves me from catching everyone up on what’s been going down. Which is great because now we can jump right into the action.

Gye Baek’s heart of stone cannot be swayed! It’s nice to see reason has replaced raw emotion, that and Eungo hasn’t been playing nice. Even her advisor is off laying guilt on Gye Baek. What is this guy’s deal anyway?
Gye Baek’s not alone though, spunky friend’s got his back. Even though she has to sit through awkward friend-zone talk. Poor Cho Young, your friend was just using you and Gye Baek doesn’t see you as a woman. The life of a woman warrior ain’t ease.

Meanwhile, the King is still out of commission, possibly with brain damage. Eungo needs him alive to protect herself.

You can almost feel the conflict in her head. She hates him but needs him.

It’s a MIRAC- ... wait... didn’t the Evil Queen do something like this? OH SHIT DON’T TELL ME HE’S BEEN FAKING IT.
The counsel makes it’s vote for the heir, and it falls on Prince Tae, the Queen’s son. Mainly because he’s first born and whatever.

The Queen is so happy she threatens the fuck out of Eungo and holds a feast to celebrate. Yo lady, you’re husband ain’t dead yet. This is in bad taste. Then again, she’s an idiot.
In the interim, Gye Baek has to deal with the potential of a spy and a traitor in the nobles.

The nobles haven’t forgotten who Gye Baek is or where he came from. Also... the Queen is setting up herself for a grand and spectacular fall. Now it’s a race to see how deep she digs her grave before Uija gets up and smacks everyone around.

Our two favorite ministers are trying to make a move to strengthen the nation via the people, but it’s an uphill battle. Trying to get the Queen in on their plan isn’t easy either. Sticky politics.... we should just go kill some guys.
The nobles refuse to give up any power, and it takes Gye Baek threatening them to get them to reconsider. The Queen wants Eungo out of the palace... yeah, this is going well.

Eungo decides that Price Tae has to die. She doesn’t care anymore, everything would be treason, burn everything to ash.. etc etc. THIS IS SANE AND COMPLETELY RATIONAL AND WON’T LOOK SUSPICIOUS AT ALL. NOPE.
The seer even tries to convince Eungo otherwise.
Meanwhile, Koguryo agreed to become allies, but...

This could put them in danger from China and Uija when he finally gets up. Bad news.
Eungo has her right hand man put an assassin in the Queen’s retinue, but Gye Baek and Cho Young spot him almost instantly.
They stop the assassin before he can kill the Prince and confronts Eungo because, duh.

YOU ARE ALL IDIOTS. Let’s watch our cast do increasingly stupid things all around and endanger everything they spent all this time working for because of HASTE.

What’s this? Uija is finally waking up? About time!

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