The disclaimer: Spoilers for the Show Abound. Reader Discretion Advised.

Spoiler ->Prince Euija kills Peumseok and his wife, and while drunk he rides off on his horse and disappears.

When we last left our hero, he was taking a stand against King Uija’s decision to slaughter all those who stood against him. Questioning the King’s orders? Inconceivable!

Uija’s completely lost it. He kills the kids, orders Gye Baek locked up and executed at a later date, then marches on the Silla capital, drunk, with a force of like, ten dudes...

...only to be ambushed in route. Great plan! The King is missing, and everyone is screwed unless he returns alive. All that can be done is send out Gye Baek to retrieve him.

Of course Uija is a moron and hits his head after being thrown from his horse. Almost slaughtered by the enemy, they rescue him and rush him back to the palace in secrecy.
The ministers and everyone else is freaking out. Hilariously, no one seems to care about Uija’s personal well being, just the massive turmoil that the whole mess would cause.
There only course of action would be to put Gye Baek in charge as commander in chief in the interim.

As usual it’s Eungo who sways Gye Baek’s opinion... while looking INSANELY OMINOUS.

Oh, a new bit of music! Cue HEROIC GRAND MUSIC.

The Queen makes it official, which of course leads to wondering outside of the court as to what’s up.
Gye Baek then orders that all of their taken forts hold their positions to the death, while sending Cho Young to the north to get the support of Goguryeo. She doesn’t seem quite as thrilled as she should be that she’s being trusted with this again.

Meanwhile Chunchu is distraught and flipping his shit when he catches wind of this. He also vows to destroy Baekje.
The Baekje minsters are pleased... except for the two we care about, who are freaking out about succession. Gye Baek, wisely, wants nothing to do with any of that bullshit.
Eungo is pissed to find out everyone is supporting the Queen’s son as heir. She couldn’t even blackmail them! So of course she would turn to Gye Baek, but first via using Cho Young.
You know, at this point I want Eungo and the Queen to stab each other.

Eungo finally plays her trump card, the cryptic allusion to her role as the consort being planned by Uija.

It took seven years (or whatever) for Gye Baek to learn the truth.

Oh shit it’s on.

Yeah, that blood pact meant nothing. Power has driven everyone apart. Gye Baek doesn’t know what to do now. What has this all been for, his King’s a lying asshole.
All it takes to remind him of what is important is for him to overhear the locals praising their General for protecting them.

GREAT. Now tell Eungo you still don’t give a shit about her kid.

Excellent. Good man. I think Eungo just full on transitioned to the dark side though.
That severs that relationship. Sorry Eungo, you were marked as trouble from the start.

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