The disclaimer: Spoilers for the Show Abound. Reader Discretion Advised.

Spoiler ->By a single vote in the council, Chunchu manages to preserve his life, but the Prince Euija refuses to let him leave alive.

We’re on episode 27 and the episode descriptions still can’t decide how to spell certain character’s names. This is what’s resulted in me using a bunch of different naming conventions when writing out the character’s names... consistency people!
Where’d we leave off... oh yeah! The matter of who shall we kill.
Gye Baek is troubled after what Eungo said to him. The thing is, she didn’t elaborate on WHY or HOW the King took her from Gye Baek. And the advisors swore never to speak of the truth, especially to Gye Baek. So all that worry and doubt just further drives apart the alliance.

The ministers take their vote, with many not even choosing and instead tossing in blank papers. The decision comes down to a singly vote.

The King is furious, hates Gye Baek even more, and now wants to get rid of the council. Dude, when you became King you wanted more power in the hands of the people, didn’t you?
He still wants Chunchu dead, so Eungo decides he must die on the sly.

Death by incense? How clever... and stupid. We know that’s Eungo’s favorite method of assassination. Gye Baek still doesn’t have a good eye for treachery. Eungo has no problem lying to her eternal crush.

The King is still pissed Chunchu is alive. There’s a lot of blame flying around... but something else is going on in the shadows. A stealth attack!

Hey, do we know this guy? Chunchu is rescued by the ninja squad under a dark and bloody attack. Gye Baek sends his people out to follow the Silla assassins.

It’s been forever since we had a good fight! Especially one between the estranged brothers.
However, reinforcements arrive and Chunchu .

Hey, it’s that Silla general!
Man, after two episodes of nothing going on, now EVERYTHING is going on.
Gye Baek returns to the Capital and politics are put on hold for war planning. The King decides to lead the next battle, despite not being a very good at anything except paranoia.
Did I mention Uija is nuts? He keeps bringing up the fact that Gye Baek should hate him TO Gye Baek.
Eungo and the Queen are trading weird verbal spar with each other again back on the home front. I’m not sure that’s a good idea.
Meanwhile, the King’s forces haven’t taken the fort where Chunchu’s kid is yet. It’s up to the sneaky advisor to try to infiltrate the fort and give Gye Baek’s forces an opening.

Despite a solid plan, the King places Gye Baek as the rear guard. You know, now may not be the best time to play politics.
Eungo arrives on the scene to support her King... who is a fucking lunatic. He takes the fort with few casualties because the enemy general believed his men would escape death.
The Uija orders all the enemy soldiers killed, and Chunchu’s daughter. Well... Gye Baek arrives in time to tell Uija that he’s committing slaughter, not war.

Guess what happens when Gye Baek is ordered to kill the two? INSUBORDINATION! No good can come from this. Then again, no good can come from anything in a show about the fall of a country.

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