The disclaimer: Spoilers for the Show Abound. Reader Discretion Advised.

Spoiler ->Reunited with the prince, Mujin leaves to keep his promise to the queen. However, he is captured by Sataek Bi's men.

When we last left off, Gye Baek was about to discover that his dad was a badass assassin who was once the badass in charge of protecting the queen and the prince! Or maybe not, since his dad is long gone from the shrine Gye Baek walked into to pass the time while the Prince and the other royal retinue are off at the memorial ceremony.

Amusingly enough, the Prince decided to skip out and is off drinking again. He has become a fine drunk in the wake of his mother’s death years before! However, he’s caught away from the ceremony and is forced to attend. After making a nice little speech that he doesn’t care for ceremony and the memorial plaques are just pieces of wood, the evil Prince says “Yeah, then burn them!”
Uija thinks sacrilage is a perfect way to stick it to the evil queen, probably because he knows the rage his father will go into when he finds out, and torches them.

And of course, Gye Baek sleeps through it all. I guess he didn’t have to work that night. And now he catches sight of his father coming in and out of the shrine to get his sword! Now we’re getting somewhere.
Due to laws of dramatic suspense, Mu Jin doesn’t notice his son tailing him across the dark woods. It’s now that we find out Mu Jin’s target in an amazing bit of bad logic. He was told to ignore the first rider and kill the second. Now, we viewers just saw the evil queen’s angry decision to send home the two princes. Unless Mu Jin was supposed to kill some other completely different rider…. this makes no sense. But, hey DRAMA! Mu Jin almost kills the prince he swore to protect years ago.

And now the cat’s out of the bag. I love the fact that while Mu Jin and Uija are catching up and reaffirming their existence, Gye Baek is stranding around like an idiot watching this madness play out. This show has some really nice lighting sometimes. The editing and music though… er…

Also, everyone in this show has really nice teeth. It’s kinda jarring, because you know, orthodontics didn’t exist in 626 AD. So, the Purists sent the ninja squad off to check to make sure that the assassin did his job, and Gye Baek gets to watch his dad separate some heads from some shoulders.
Oh, and the Prince isn’t acting like an idiot anymore, at least, not in front of them.
So while Mu Jin is death flagging himself all over the place, the Prince heads off with Gye Baek back towards town.
Mu Jin decides it’s time to take out evil mustache man. Wouldn’t it have been hilarious if he’d accidentally killed the evil prince and delivered his head to his mom. Now that would have been revenge. Oh show….

Of course, evil bitch is there being evil. She thinks every this awesome until she realizes who the assassin is. Then we get a to watch Mu Jin take on a whole room of assassins, with only one arm.

Do we finally have the upper hand? Finally? Mu Jin has the hit list, the evil queen, and is riding off into the night! Progress? Is this real life? Wait…. no. In fact, we see a ninja question the dude who hired Mu Jin to begin with and then we have the most brutal jump cut in the history of forever.
Wait… what the hell is going on? It’s daylight and the moustache man has caught up with Mu Jin and I have no idea where the evil queen is… oh wait, she’s there too. Oi, this is crazy.

It was all probably just an excuse to have another fight in the daylight. However, the evil queen wasn’t always evil bitch queen. She was once a young noble’s daughter who was crushing hard on the then Prince’s escort.
So we get a nice vignette, filled with yet MORE jump cuts, of the queen remembering back when they were young and how the two met and so on and so forth. I can only hope we’re humanizing the woman now so that we can kill her off soon.

Don’t get me wrong, we see her slice a grooms leg in half when Mu Jin is thrown from a horse, so she was still crazy bitch back then. Best part of that was Mu Jin playing it cool getting back up. Hilarious.
When Mu Jin doesn’t arrive back at home Gye Baek and the prince panic. The only way to get the prince back to the king, who might be able to do something, is to call in a favor.

The King believes Eungo and heads off to meet his son and Gye Baek. So it’s a fight against time. Time…

Yet we have time for a GO GAME!?!? It’s okay, it was a favor for a favor for a favor. So, the good guys are off after the bad guys, to get to the good guy before them…
And Gye Baek’s step-brother opens his idiot mouth and puts his family in danger! Because… DRAMA! Amusingly, the evil queen’s father tells the ninja goon squad that ‘everyone is expendable’ as long as the hit list stays out of the King’s hands. Evil queen daughter included!
By the way, the next episode previews for this show give away FAR too much of the next episodes plot. So if you are watching along, quite when they roll end credits.
To Be Continued….
Gye Baek can be watched on Crunchyroll or Hulu. Hulu’s stream is 16 x 9 (I believe Crunchyroll’s free stream is 4 x 3). Each episode is a whopping 60+ minutes.
See you next episode!