The disclaimer: Spoilers for the Show Abound. Reader Discretion Advised.
The fiercely loyal Mujin fights to protect the young prince and the queen with his life. However, the court is unwilling to support the prince because his mother was a Shilla princess.
I like how the episode descriptions are often slightly wrong.

When we last left our temporary hero Mu Jin, the second queen was trying to make a move on him, of the sexy sort. Or manipulative sort. Mu Jin, being the perfect man he is, turns the conniving bitch down and returns to his loving pregnant wife. Who is pregnant. Awhhh. He even would rather have a little girl because then she wouldn’t have to take up the sword.

(I’d like to note the subtitle timing was fixed on this episode, thankfully.)

The good queen heads out on a good dead errand with the prince. Oblivious to the political stuff going on.

Meanwhile, evil second queen is enacting her revenge plot on her detractors. There’s a little monk torture, a false confession of spying, and Mu Jin and the Queen, along with her son are locked up. Mu Jin doesn’t get the house arrest treatment the other do though.

The guard (most of who are in on the evil consorts plot) are busy running around looking for proof of spying, causing Mu Jin’s PREGNANT wife mental distress, and Mu Jin well…

… he gets flayed. A lot. But being a certified badass, he tells the minster who the real plotters are. Which results in more whipping.

The king is tortured by the actions against him, and calls out his minister on it. Thank god he’s not that stupid. The king is basically negotiating with terrorists, he’s already doing what the ministers want.

And the evil second queen consort bitch, damn it!

How evil can you get? I bet she punches puppies too!

And the one official who is not corrupt is outmaneuvered… of course this would mean the death of the whole family for conspiracy. We can’t have that! That’s the King and stuff! Imagine what Silla and Goguryeo would think! And it turns out that shortly before he was thrown in the clink Mu Jin promised his wife they’d return to his homeland (wherever that is) soon.

Cue suspenseful voting scene! Our heros are doomed.

The whole historic thing with the multiple wives and sanctioned concubines always seemed to me like a really bad idea when these power struggles would result. As it is, the King has to cut a deal with his evil wife and she agrees to help smuggle his wife and son… so then this happens:

Then THIS happens!

And it’s a double double cross! Soon, everyone is making for the border! It’s a daring night escape in the rain. Run guys!

It’s the next morning before forces can be mobilized to go after them. (The actress playing Mu Jin’s wife really hams it up.) The evil queen finds out about Mu Jin and mobilizes her ninjas… who somehow beat the soldiers. Of course, she knows what road they took.

And then something really, really stupid happens.

Then all hell breaks loose. Mu Jin flees with his PREGNANT wife and the prince, fighting off ninja in a lovely looking forest. And evil queen feels a moment of guilt over her actions, which doesn’t make her any less evil.

The prince holds it together surprisingly well, and he’s determine to go back to the palace, despite his mother’s wishes. Mu Jin hides the prince and takes off with his wife, wishing the prince well. This doesn't seem like the best plan, leaving the kid alone hiding in the woods. How is he supposed to find his way home? There’s some heavy foreshadowing included, and some absolutely terrible ninjas. This whole thing didn’t work out as anyone planned.

To make matters worse, Mu Jin’s wife starts bleeding, badly. And the purist ninja’s catch them at the edge of a cliff, Mu Jin is sliced across the arm badly… AND THEN!

To Be Continued….
Gye Baek can be watched on Crunchyroll or Hulu. Hulu’s stream is 16 x 9 (I believe Crunchyroll’s free stream is 4 x 3). Each episode is a whopping 60+ minutes.
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