Actually my idea isn't the greatest film never made. The greatest film never made was the Alejandro Jodorowsky adaptation of Dune that would have had music by Pink Floyd, production design by H.R. Giger and Moebius, and would have starred Orson Welles, Gloria Swanson, and Salvador Dali.

So my idea is merely the greatest anime adaptation never made.

I love Dirty Pair. It's fun, it's visually stylish, it's got two great protagonists, who could complain about that? And it's a title that could conceivably be adapted into a good live-action film. I was talking with Hitsugi Amachi about casting possibilities, when I thought about who could have starred in such a film back when the franchise was new: in the 1980's.

And there were only two names that came to mind:

Cynthia Rothrock as Kei

Michelle Yeoh as Yuri

This Dirty Pair of my imagination I see as a Hong Kong film directed by the great Sammo Hung: he had a real flair for combining action with comedy in films like Wheels on Meals and Pedicab Driver. Or if not him, Ricky Lau, who directed Encounters of the Spooky Kind 2. And Sammo could possibly play the supporting role of Mughi, dressed in a giant fur suit.