Today in Japan (technically it's already tomorrow in Japan, but we'll set that aside for a moment. *makes standard anime 'setting that aside' hand motions*) is Shichigosan, the 7-5-3 festival. When girls age 7 and 3 and boys age 5 and 3 get dressed up in their fanciest Japanese clothing and go to the shrine.

Sadly, my trip to Japan took place before Shichigosan, however, I discovered that some shrines do celebrate it a bit early, and so, did see a few children dressed adorably. And I asked the parents for permission to photograph them, and so...

In Takayama, October 18th. I was buying some dango from a very sweet old lady who was happily conversing with me and my absolutely miniscule Japanese abilities. She pointed the girls out to me, and as soon as I completed my transaction, I ran after them and took the picture.
Korea-Japan 1418.jpg

In Kyoto, on the grounds of the Imperial Palace, on the day of Jidai Matsuri, October 22nd. also my birthday. Shortly before the parade began, I saw this young man with mother and grandfather, and just had to take his picture. Sadly, I mistimed it and took it before his "v" signs were fully activated.
Korea-Japan 2075.jpg

Not really Shichigosan-related, but sort of thematically related because shrines: the reason shrines are better than temples: Miko. Miko are just adorable. (October 22nd, Kyoto, Heian Shrine).
Korea-Japan 1986.jpg