I am a man of strong opinions. Opinions that are generally arrived at after a considerable amount of, well, consideration, using my half-a-lifetime's worth of observation and research.

When I am communicating my opinions, I try as often as possible to describe them in simple declarative language. Language designed to not be misunderstood.

What sort of reaction do I want to my opinions? I know what reactions I don't want.

I don't intend for people to be intimidated by them, to think that my opinions are an attack. (I should hope that when I attack people, they know for sure they are being attacked.)

I don't want people to be dismissive of them in an "opinions are like assholes, everybody has one" kind of way. Yes, everybody has an asshole, but certainly we can agree that a well-maintained and well-cleaned asshole is better than the alternative? And an informed and reasoned opinion is a long way from random, fatuous thoughts on a subject.

I don't want people to accept them at face value. When people agree with me too quickly, I feel patronized.

I want people to question my opinions, to be skeptical of them. I want people to do their own research and have their own experiences, and come up with their own opinion, whether or not it is similar to mine.

Lest I be misunderstood: I am not posting this because of anything that has happened at this website. These are thoughts that have been percolating for some time.