I only just recently read, in the third round of Madoka Magica interviews that came with the corresponding set, that Dezaki is fond of putting apples in the hands of his characters. Maybe it represents some kind of motif for him. Anyway, Nanako mentions the possibility of making some apple juice for Saint-Juste, and I wondered whether I'd read too much into it. (Later Kaoru cuts some up)

Wow, Kaoru slaps the Juste so hard that she makes her fly right back to bed! :D

Apparently, even with a fever, Saint-Just's knife-throwing skills are on par. Maybe.

This is the episode of stuff appearing out of nowhere? Knives from Saint-Just's nightdress, apples from Kaoru's...coat?

OMG, Nanako does cute Origami! Now that is elegant...and precious.

And the friendship between Nanako and Shinobu (if anyone could unreservedly call it that), has definitely gotten an upgrade, since I'm noticing that Nanako is now "Nanako-san" instead of "Misono-san". :/

[Insert Tomoko's "you owe me" hand gesture?]

Miya-sama can see through people's words pretty well (even over the phone!) This has the potential to allow her to be VERY conniving indeed.

Even though the uniforms they wear are clearly not the same color, Miya-sama kind of reminds me of Jury from RGU, when she's in that riding outfit (the bouncing orange curls kind of lend to that as well).

So...since they leave together, just before Nanako goes to the elm tree, does this mean that Tomoko and Shinobu are getting along now too?

[The shot of Kaoru (either shadowed or not) against the elm tree, near the end of the ep, might be a good image to use.]

Saint-Juste is Miya-sama's younger sister. Gahh.