"Under the Elm Tree"

At this point, I've really gotten tired of the tune that the clock tower chimes with. Also, the lightning just after Saint-Juste and Miya-sama's convo was too cheesy.

The witch totally knew what she was doing, as she giggled to herself at the weather turning "fraught".

Nanako feels relief upon finding her "long-lost" textbook? Didn't she just forget to bring it to the damn study group? Whuuuut?

I wonder if Saint-Juste's home is a student housing complex. That might explain the dumb/cheesy name it's got as yet another nickname awarded to things that the Seiran girls are in awe of. Aaand no one paid that cabbie.

Apparently, even while feverish and tripping on multiple pharmaceudicals, Saint-Juste still has the presence of mind to ply/shoo her admirers away with gifts. Aww?