Ep. 7: "The Darkness in the Clock Tower"

Spoilers ahoy.

I only just realized this, but just what is up with that cheerful music that plays every time they run the episode title? I guess they're going for a some kind of cultured, European feel to go with the show's setting...but it's just not that cheerful a setting!

So we're finding out that Nanako has some kind of poetic soul, what with her musings on (and subsequent, growing attachment to), the scrawling on the walls of the clock tower building.

Not only that, but she figures out pretty quickly just what the outline is that Saint-Juste is practicing some knife throws on. And even has the nerve to have it confirmed by the girl herself. See, that first sentence there implies that Nanako's bright, but the second kind of negates that.

And smoking doesn't make her "depraved", Nanako. Just stinky.

You know, the more I see of this character, the less I understand about why she has a fan base, exactly. Even Nanako seems charmed and I JUST DON'T GET IT.

OK, so here comes my favorite person in this show to come and explain in it.

Well, OK, so Saint-Juste was also a sports star for a time, thanks to Kaoru's oozing literary saavy onto the unsuspecting loner. Good eye for recruiting! How long ago was this again? Kaoru isn't a freshman, then? I'm so confused by the way that time works in this series.

And we totally get that there is something not quite balanced in the dynamic between Miya-sama and the Juste. She obviously intended to hurt the angsty one with the "spiky frog", but was it only to have a moment with her, in front of her robotic followers? (Seriously, every scene that they're in, it's like they're being moved forward by homing radar or something).

Well, the important thing is that Tomoko finally sees Nanako getting pushed around by orange vinyl bitch & her sistahs, and seeing as how no one in the Sorority is available to give an assist, she proceeds to fill the screen with unholy rage.

So the two friends make up, which I wasn't actually sure was gonna happen in this show, and instead of enjoying it more, Nanako proceeds to read some slightly depressing history on the source of the angsty one's nickname. But who gave her such a moniker? *Shrugs*

I kind of wish that this series had "Next Episode" previews. Or did Hulu just not receive them from the licensor?