Aaand spoiler warnings.





Ep. 6: "The Road Taken Alone"

Nanako practicing her enthusiastic response to high school life, for the mirror, is so...sad. And it's interesting to me that she's begun to compose letters to Henmi in her head that will likely never make it to paper. You know, like the rest of us do.

The extreme close-ups to the faces, in this ep, are pretty scary.

Shinobu dramatically obsesses about Nanako, and Nanako gets the big brush-off from Tomoko. "Tears" across the window - I know I've seen the effect before, but it's pretty effective here. Excellent, Dezaki!

I almost cheered to see Kaoru ruin Shinobu's fake-ignorance and attempted, cheerful rescue of Nanako, through the lending of her uniform. Which apparently has magical properties that will allow it to fit on a much less lankier person. Well, either way, screw your vile machinations, Shinobu!

I am confused about something at this point. In the first episode of the series, Kaoru told the class that she's a freshman just like them, right? Has she been held back a long time due to whatever she seems to be suffering from? I may need a recap...

Also, what is up with that chain hanging outside the building? The one that the director keeps cutting to, amidst the angst?

Does the Seiran gym uniform sport the most useless ribbon...ever?

I vote, "Uh, yeah."

There seem to be a couple of lines missing from the subs, in the moment after Nanako talks about wanting to get home early to wash Kaoru's uniform. I believe that the gist of it was that she was feeling so good, (after getting a timely assist from someone other than Shinobu), that she needed to write down her feelings, right? (Hence the running to purchase a notebook from the school store.)

This episode marks Nanako's first experience with the uglier side of other humans (girls). Or darkness, as she calls it. Thank God this sort of cattiness ended with my graduation from junior high.

Man, am I shocked, shocked by "Miya-sama" actually seeming like a caring person, at a time when Nanako feels most unsure and beset by all sides.

Or maybe that sunset in the background is lending to the notion that she's putting the moves on Nanako, which confuses the shit outta me. Out of Nanako as well, yeah.

So in order to ease that feeling a bit, it's time for a chance meeting! Honestly though, I loved the flirtation between Nanako and Henmi near the end ("...maybe tomorrow, and the day after as well?") It was surprisingly sweet.

Nanako's final monolog of the episode is just heartbreaking. And again, she's not writing any of this down.

So she thinks of her childhood friend as "My Tomoko", eh? I know what she needs to do - rent a video girl to cheer her up!

I guess that the friend in question no longer reminds me of Wakaba at this point either.