Warning for spoilers?





Ep 4: "Orgel"

First up, what's up with the wimpy-wimp of a teacher that doesn't IMMEDIATELY tell the noisy bullies in Nanako's class to shut the hell up already? Why exactly does Kaoru have to do it? (Not that I haven't already fallen for her, at this point).

I've obviously never been in the Japanese school system, but why couldn't Nanako just WAIT for them all to shut up and not get sobby about it? All she's doing is giving them what they want, after all...

Next, Kaoru proceeds to lose a few of her coolness points for not being able to separate yolks and whites. At all. After multiple tries. I mean, I realize that not every woman is good in the kitchen (or should be, if they hate cooking with a passion), but this...this shouldn't be too hard for someone who's obviously coordinated enough to make a jump shot.

I could swear that one of orange vinyl bitch's flunkies (the more attractive one?), is being voiced by Tsuru Hiromi...but I cannot confirm it. I feel like I keep hearing her voice, here and there, throughout the background walla too.

That Shinobu: she's always struck me as being a little scary, but she's taking her apparent possessiveness of Nanako too far I mean, they've only just met, after all. Good thing that the girl in question seems to have a fairly positive outlook when handling her problems (her remark about handling things, "if not today, then tomorrow"). So she can deal with an overly-clingy classmate too, right?

Do all the music rooms in super-exclusive schools have especially glowy windows? (Flashbacks to ep. 15 of RGU).

Ep. 5: "Thorns of Doubt"

Because you know something good is coming, when the Japanese use the word "thorns" in a title, right?

I've only just noticed that Nanako's mother uses the "san" honorific with her. The only other shows I can recall this sort of thing happening was in Cardcaptor Sakura, between the title character and her father, Kinomoto Fujitaka.

The thing that "falls" on Saint-Juste's hand: I had no idea what a "spiky frog" was, not even to look at it, so Wiki to the rescue! A kenzan. This gives me an idea of just how much such a thing falling on one would hurt, and gives you an idea, gentle reader, of how much I don't know about flower arranging.

I wonder where the nickname comes from, given the actual, literal translation of the tool.

Check out the 1991 laptop that Henmi's working with! I wonder which of the two major models that were around at the time it is.

Dezaki's sense of lighting, during the conversation between Nanako's mother and Henmi is great, and the background music provides a good complement.