The banter between Nanako's titular "brother" and his colleague is just...

I'm amused that he's all, like, "WTF is up with this Sorority thing?" And bro is, like, "Man, shit's too complicated to sum up in one (meaningful) sentence."

And with that, I warn of upcoming spoilers within the next few entries, since they're gonna start mild to getting more specific in places.





Ep. 3: "Nanako, disqualified?"

The scene with the (physical) message board is eerily similar to the one in the first episode of Utena, complete with a girl running away, "Kaoru-no-kimi" ripping up the note, and the glaring white light on the outside of those high archways that line the passageway...

I Love, LOVE the jazzy music that plays as Tomoko tries to encourage Nanako not to give the uppity bitches at this school the satisfaction of quitting. It makes for some great visuals too, with the especially luminous club pool behind them, in an mysteriously low-lit room.

On "Saint-Juste": she may smell like a guy, according to Nanako, but she still doesn't play that way to me at all, despite the butchy outfit. one reacts to Misaki, the book-slamming crazy, in the classroom scene? Where's the aftermath? Is this a visual metaphor?

The next scene with Nanako in her room, where she calls herself vain in her small hope to be chosen for Sorority, is both meaningful and lovely. She speaks a certain truth, not only about herself but all women, it seems; that there is some vanity in (mostly) all of us. I was left wondering, when she ripped up the note to brother dearest, whether her strongest impulse then was to keep a special man in her life from noticing that element of vanity in her, or purely to keep him from worrying.

Final notes:
- It's amusing to me that the Misaki bitch's "undercover" jacket seems to be made out of orange vinyl.

Orange vinyl?

"Orange vinyl bitch!"

- Gawd, Nanako's party outfit is AWFUL! Now she looks just like the aforementioned bitch!