Ep. 2: "Glass Shoes"

Nanako, despite your attempt to connect with me as a viewer with an approachable narration, I just don't care about your wardrobe OR how the mood you're in may affect it! Also, your father cares far too much.

You know, her friend Tomoko kind of reminds me of Wakaba from RGU. It's that spunky/feisty combination that every good main character needs, when they themselves seem not to possess such attributes.

*Sigh* Tomoko-san...

On a whole different subject, I've never had an intense crush on a teacher in my life, so it's always a little weird to me when a fictional character is hit by such an obvious one. And only in Japan could an older-but-not-too-old teacher type not be fazed by an earnest request from a younger girl to act as an older sibling. You'd think that Nanako gets enough of this sort of attention from dad, but I assume that her only-child status is what makes the idea of having an older sibling (but especially a "brother"), so delightful.

That girl Shinobu, who seems to be crushing on Nanako, kind of reminds me of Greta from A Little Snow Fairy Sugar. Only more...overt? And what is up with the response of the onee-samatachi she calls out to, in this ep? "Koneko-chans?" I haven't really heard an anime character say that since Tenou Haruka from Sailor Moon S. And, well, reading it in some types of yuri manga...

OK, I'm really liking how Orihara is into starting shit, with that snarky comment about being against the existence of the Sorority. Then when Saint-Juste goes into her nutsoid piano playing, it provides the PERFECT backdrop to Nanako's nomination to the group (even though she seems disconcerted by the whole thing too).