I finally caught this one last night. Guess I should have realized that this show really wasn't meant for me; all those super-icky monsters and their crunching up of people...at least the one clearly Obari Masami design was interesting. Monster Guy was pretty cool-looking, but not ultimately as cool (sexy) as Fudou Jun's bestial form in Devilman Lady. And yes, I realize that this has something to do with looking at the production values of a show put out in 1990 vs. one put out in '98, etc., etc.

What really stood out for me here, the one thought that persisted at the end of my viewing experience was...

...couldn't Guy and Raina have tried harder to save "the cute chick"? (from the first episode?) I mean, I get what the production staff was going for. I get it. But...perhaps she and Raina could have gotten to be as close as Guy and this Cara were, apparently. Or they all could have escaped to form a satisfying triad/ongoing partnership in the main duo's looting business. It would have kept more of the eye candy factor up, and possibly made the show longer/more meaningful.

Instead, we are treated to a pretty girl's severed head. Greeeaaat.

At least I enjoyed hearing the prolific Ogata Kenichi voice another character, and the interplay between Rob Mungle and Tiffany Grant in the English dub. They were both surprisingly cute, as far as that goes.