The follow up is a little later then I wanted, but no worries:

Hanasaku Iroha
Awesome! Excatly what every slice of life show should strive to be! Cute girls, comedy, some drama, but most importantly, great atmosphere. Every time the OP played, in just felt that I was being drawn into their world. I really loved the character art in this show also. On a side note, my better half ordered the Ohana Nendoroid as a Valentine's gift for me. Yes I know, I am too lucky. But I digress...

Just to be clear, the "moves" they play in the show are quite impossible, right? Either way, I enjoyed this series, but I didn't learn to much about the game though. The only thing I think I may have a grasp on is the random term here and there, like ron, kong, and riichi. Still not entirely sure what pung and tenpai really mean though.

Anywho, I liked the characters alot in the show, which ultimately made me come back for each episode. I did like that there was a definite girl pairing from each school, though there was some that could double up. My favorite "tile slam" was the class presidents', where she would flick it with her thumb, catch and slam the tile palm side down.

On a small tangent, I think doing a side story is a good way to introduce fans and new people back into the show. Since it's been a while since the show aired, if they jumped straight into nationals it may have felt a bit disconnected. But anyway, This was a fun show.

In this era of streaming anime, I've come to realize that I personally do have a tier system. There are shows that I'd really like to own for myself (like Hanasaku Iroha), and there are shows that are sort of on the bubble of "owning"; and Haganai would be one of those shows. I liked it well enough, and I'd really like to get some merch. for it (artbook, pencilboard, figures, etc.); but I'm not sure if I'd revisit it again.

The comedy was more hit then miss for me, and thanks to Rika, I'll never be able to read/watch mecha anymore without hearing her perverted thoughts. And the idea that Sena wanted to "clear" Kobato was hilarious. Overall though, the show felt like it had pacing issues, especially the last episode (a montage, really?). But if there was a second season, I'd be up for it.

And that's it for now.