I have been disconnected with this community, and anime in general, for the majority of 2011. If you asked me why, I really couldn't give a good reason. Yeah, I got a new job last March (man, it's almost a year now...); but I really wouldn't cite that as a reason. Maybe this is what "burnout" was for me... not consciously making a decision to take a "break" and stop watching anime... but just realizing that I haven't watched anything in 3-4 seasons, and being alright with that.

Well, I'd like to say that I'm back; but the best way to do that is to actually watch anime. So I'd like to use the blog for a while to comment on shows I've finished watching recently. The first update might be sizable, as I've finished more shows in the past month then I have in like... 2 years. So... I guess I'll start - Now!


Baka and Test (Season 1)
Despite only having the chibi fights at the beginning and end of the show, I enjoyed the comedy and the characters enough to like the show overall. The show also has the unique distinction of my preference of the English track over the Japanese. Either way, an all around fun show. Definitely worth the purchase.

Puella Magi Madoka Magica
Totally floored by this show! Once I got to the 3rd episode (), I couldn't stop watching until the end. I have never seen a genre turned on it's head quite so forcefully before. And even though you could tell the type of ending that was coming (given the nature of the show), it was still executed well; and had a satisfying enough ending. Wish I could have watched this one week to week.

If there was a litmus test for Otaku, I most likely would be failing it because of this show. I just could not into this show at any point. Don't get me wrong, the girls are good, but even they couldn't make me connect with this show. I really wonder if the same director did this and Madoka... I did check out the next season, but I had the same problem. Can't like everything I suppose.

Genshiken 2
Really disappointed in this season. First, they changed the English Dub, and it became unbearable. So JP was the only option. Two, the show seemed to lose the energy, comedy, and the overall feel and flow of the first season. It felt like "oh yeah, here's the joke!...and now we move on", it didn't seem to flow at all. Not to mention they didn't even finish to the end of the manga; quite a failure in my eyes.

Post to continue soon...