It is a sad week in the town where I live. Another second hand CD, DVD & once VHS shop has closed.

From that shop I bought my first anime titles when they still sold (& accepted as trade-in) VHS tapes. Tekken, Project A-Ko, Dominion, Sol Bianca, Gunbuster...most of the Manga UK & Kiseki releases.

I did not know how big an impact anime would have on me, or my earnings then, only going on cover pics to start with. The tapes were cheap enough to buy with loose change & could always be used as emergency recording media.

Now in my town there is only 1 shop, HMV, that sells anime - usually newer, and a games shop which has the odd 1 or 2 pre-owned anime DVD volumes.

Lunch hour browsing for second hand anime to try cheap has gone. Nothing to catch a potential fan's eye for exciting image & low price.

Maybe budget whole or part series sets, especially pre-owned ones, have a High Street value, as much to draw attention to all the anime shows that can be bought cheap, as for helping trade-in shops stay in business.