So years ago when I first joined the internet, one of the easiest things to do (especially back in the days of weaker modems) was to save images and save images I did. Sometimes I'd save them multiple times. Either because I forgot I saved them before or because I saved, deleted, saved again. What images I saved were based on what I could find while browsing which is the same as it is now. In any case, this addiction to images eventually lead to things like

Trying get screen captures of as many shows as I felt like. That then lead to making avatars. As you might have remembered from seeing some entries, I'd go overboard with some shows. Ok, all shows, but some more than others. Making 150 avatars for what I should have only made 15. Or I'd keep 250 images saved when I should have only kept 25. I did reach a point where I would on occasion delete entire series worth of screen caps.

Heck at this point I mostly keep screen captures just long enough to post on Twitter. I rarely if ever keep them for the long haul anymore. In any case, earlier I decided I need to clean up my drive a bit due to having too many files. I figured "Hey, I can just delete a bunch of avatars, it will only take an hour" How wrong I was there. Hours later, I decided I needed to go to bed and continue later.

The next time I continued, I went through series after series. I'd "delete" some series out right and for other series delete select characters. Ie I was no longer keeping avatars of every single girl in a show just because she appeared on screen for 3 seconds in a single episode. However at a certain point I snapped. Not snapped as in becoming a JRPG super villain. I snapped as in I couldn't take it anymore. I couldn't take trying to reduce let's say 80,000 avatars down to say 5,000 or so.

Even if I managed 5,000 that's still quite a lot. So at a certain point, I started mass deleting folder after folder of avatars. I kept some of them. Like under thirty at this point. I started to realize that I no longer wanted to keep a ton of "memories" of the past, I wanted to be more well dynamic. Ie if I'm going to change avatars again, I want it to be something current in my mind not something I'm trying to dig up from the past if that makes any sense.

After I went on the avatar deleting spree I started deleting a ton of images too. It may sound silly to get rid of so many images, but it just felt like the right thing to do. Plus my folders had become such a mess due to me saving wherever that it would be faster to "download" things again then to actually sort them. Also when defragmenting my drive I think I got a complain about how many files I had anyway.

Maybe my thinking is wrong. Maybe making a ton of avatars, sceen capping like crazy and saving everything under the sun isn't an addiction. However when I went to do spring cleaning on my hard drive it started to feel like I had some sort of addiction and who knows maybe I still do. Maybe all it will take is one more screen cap for Twitter, one more avatar change, or one more imaged to make me fall down the path again. Who knows? Only time will tell.

I've been saving images since the 90s, screen capping since the 2000s and was bulk making avatars for almost 10 years before stopping. Only in 2018 do I ponder if that was an addiction. Better late than never? Not sure if anyone else had this issue when it came to images.