So plenty of Anime aired in 2017 and I was thinking of doing a top ten. However I decided instead to mimic the "Four Strongest" thing and name my four favorite shows of each season. The only exception was the for one season I had 2-5 instead of 1-4 so that my favorite of all shows would get a separate entry. Click each link for the full details and my excuse to show images there.

2017 Winter 4 Strongest

For the short version the shows I ended up focusing on most were as follows. Maid Dragon because Dragons. Gabriel Drop Out because Satanya. Kemono Friends because it was quite the surprise. Urara Meirochu because belly fanservice.

2017 Spring 4 Strongest

For the short version. Alice to Zorouko was quite strong thanks to both leads. Grimoire of Zero was definitely interesting. Hinako Note was quite awesome and while some of the fanservice was bad (Mostly Chiaki), I will admit to enjoying some of it. Twin Angel Break didn't seem like it would be a contender early on, but the end game helped push it higher on the list.

2017 Summer 4 Strongest

Short version. Restaurant to Antother World was a refreshing exerience. New Game S2 is a good example of a 2nd season that brings everything to the next level. Princess Principal was an amazing experience over all. Battle Girls High School was fun over all and yes the large cast did work.

2017 Autumn 4 Strongest

Short version. Urahara has good visuals and I love how they handled the main theme. Konoha Kitan has a pretty doll girl and yuri foxes. Again it has a lovely doll girl. Love Live Sunshine 2 was amazing. Even if sometimes it feels like a stage play. Blend S sometimes has issue, but it gave us Mafuyu among others. So it's good too.

The One Above All

To keep it simple, Hina Logi ended up as my favorite series of 2017. Thanks mostly to Lion's character, her romance with Nina, and the other girls helped too. Also other reasons as well. Again more details in the links, but yeah Hina Logi was the series of 2017 for me. And for the record, I actually liked aspects of Luck & Logic. Granted it had issues, but it had stuff I liked. Still Hina Logi is a lot better for me.