Years ago and I do mean years ago, I had started up a blog on Blog Spot and eventually I stopped using it. Most of my blogging becamse just posting Avatar entries here until I gave up on making avatars or at least making a ton of them. Still for some reason while watching Urahara, I decided to get back to back to blogging because once the series reached episode 7, I felt I had more to say than tweeting would allow and twit longer was getting kind of boring, so I've started blogging again.

Now I could just copy and paste the blogs into here, but I think it makes more sense to link to each blog post and give an idea what the focus is each time. Let's start from the beginning. I mean the beginning of the Urahara blog entries, not the very first entry I made there.

Urahara: The Concept of Creativity, Originality, and Copying (Spoilers Episode 7)

After watching episode 7 and seeing the characters argue over the concept of copying, it made me think more deeply about the entertainment I consumed. It was clear the show was trying to start a dialog about the role of copying and originality when it comes to creativity. Thus the subject of the blog entry linked above.

Speculation/Wishful Thinking Concerning Misa of Uraharas (Concerns Episode 1-8)

Another thing that's been drawing my attention is Misa. I thought Misa's role in the series was clear cut. However I was forced to re-watch past scenes in the series because more recent series made me question my assumptions. The blog entry above that is concerned with that.

Urahara : More Misa Speculation

And then again in episode 9, the few Misa scenes we got forced me to triple check the Misa scenes from the past and caused more speculation. Granted some of it could be wishful thinking. That maybe I'm so charmed by her cuteness that I want a more "positive" scenario for her.

I'm not sure if I'll have anything to say about episode 10-12, but I wanted to bring up these entries together for the heck of it. As for blogging here "direct" again? I am hoping to get back to that, but my blog entries will probably be less picture focused here. I think for picture focused blogs, I'm better off using blog spot. At least then I don't have to guess about hot linking. (The very images I used are uploaded to the same blog posts there anyway)