So I note that Fate/Zero is getting the Japanese release made available for purchase on TSRI at Japanese pricing. This leads to debate, speculation, assumptions and argument.

I then note as pointed out by people that there is one bright side. That at the very least there is a free and legal to watch the series even if the current release plans for the BD are not to your liking.

Then I note there are games I want to play, but will never come out here. There is no legal translation for many of them and some don't even have a fan translation.

I then look at situations like Tales of Vesperia, where getting either the 360 version or the PS3 version has problems for me.

I also think about the fact that until such time as translation gets complete for SaGa 3 and I get enough FAQ information, I won't be able to even consider trying the True End boss for myself.

This ultimately leads me back to thinking "Yeah, the high price does suck, but at least you have that sure fire, certain, legal, and free option"

So the conclusion is that I end up being bitter, jealous, and annoyed at everything. Now if you excuse me, I have an urge to kill the one that wants to rule this world or at least listen to his theme.