So in an exercise to show how fun translation can be, I present the opening lines of the final boss for FFIV in four different versions. With some parts in ??? for obvious reasons. I speak as if there's a person left on the planet that doesn't know. Also, shouldn't this be common knowledge by now? Still you can search for these on youtube to verify. For now, just read what I have here. Also, note the line for the PSP version was the same for the GBA version. Hence why they're together.

SNES Version: I am the absolute Dark Substance .... Product of ??????'s hatred. My name is ????. I am the hatred.

PS1 Version: I am the incarnation of ???'s enmity. ????, the absolute darknes, the epitome of hate.

DS: I am the wellspring of darkness, fed by ???'s unbridled hate. I am He who is called ?????. I am He who knows naught but hate!

GBA/PSP: We are evil We are the hatred of ????. We are ?????. We loathe all.

Now then I have no idea if the Japanese dialog in each version is the same. I can't read Japanese. If not then, the Japanese like to change things up on occasion. If the dialog however is the same each time then it goes to show how fun translation can be. It also begs various questions.

Oh, and Rydia is still the best character in the game. So there!