Option 1: Don't Get Anything During the Month

Sometimes, I don't spend anything during a month because i plan to do a larger order later. Other times, it's because I don't feel like getting anything.

Option 2: Buy Something From TSRI

This tends to boil down to getting something from a studio sale. Sometimes I'll throw on manga or maybe a weekly special item.

The downside to TSRI sales is the prediction and sacrifice involved. I could take advantage of sale X right now. Yet, I pause because for all I know next Thursday might be the TSRI sale, I'm waiting for.

Even better is sometimes I have to pick and choose between a TSRI sale going on now (well, not literally now) and one that may happen next Thursday or not at all.

Option 3: Amazon

While not as consistent in their discounts, Amazon still has them. Sometimes Manga for rather nice prices. Plus, the free shipping threshold is much smaller. $25 vs $49. It's part of the reason, I tend to use them for manga.

The Market Place can be a gamble, but sometimes interesting stuff appears. Such as for example, "import" Games. One in particular that catches my eye. Hint, it has the word SaGa in it and it's a DS game. Yeah, go figure on that one.

There's also the idea of occasional promotions. Although often times, the anime series involved tend to boil down to ones that I either don't care about at all or tend to be lower priorities ones at best. Make of that what you will, but that's the way it is.

Option 4: CD Japan

Good for getting CDs and Import Manga. Would be good for getting BDs, if they had actual discounts. No, the random ones that come up on occasion do not count. Actually even with discounts, I'm not sure I'd be rushing to import stuff that easily. CD Japan is one of those things I really only use for stuff I have a strong enough desire for.

Option 5: Retail

On occasion, I entertain the idea of getting something from a physical store. Although this tends to be much rarer for obvious reasons. One of which is I like the idea of not having to worry if the item I desire is WORTHY of being in the store in question!

The Dilemma

The options above present what can be described as dilemma. In that, I find myself picking and choosing between them. Just take this month of June for example. I could do one of the following.

A: Take advantage of this Amazon Sale and get one of the DS or PSP games mentioned there.

Tactics Ogre, Heroes of Light, and DQV being the main ones that stand out. FFIV was already ordered.

B: Take advantage of this promotion. Classic, buy one and get the second one for 50% off. It has the fun part of finding two games of interest. With nine pages, there's a chance I might find two.

Well, there's that Radiant Historia game. Plus, reading comments about how "terrible" the remake of Lufia 2 was for changing things sort of makes me want to one day play the original "Rise of the Sinistrals" and the remake "Curse of the Sinistrals". The latter being one of the included games here.

C: I can continue to wait and see if a Sentai Sale comes up. Assuming it does, I can decide between some volumes. Some of which, since Sentai decided are not worthy of blu-ray here force a question of "Accept a Weaker Version to have at least one version" vs "Keep holding off for a Stronger Version that may never come"

D: Risk the market place at Amazon in order to be able to get SaGa 2 for the DS.

And that is what deciding what to buy has become like for me. Note, I will freely admit that I am responsible for how the situation has turned out. I just felt like doing a none avatar entry and show how things can be. Having to predict the future. Passing on various sales. Picking and choosing. It's quite fun.